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IFSA – International Forestry Students' Association

The International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) is the global network for students in forest sciences. It unites approximately 3000 students in about 69 member associations (called Local Committees) in over 40 countries. IFSA is a non-governmental, non for profit and non religious organisation entirely run by students for students.

Our vision

is for global cooperation among students of forest sciences in order to broaden knowledge and understanding to achieve a sustainable future for our forests, and to provide a voice for youth in international forest policy processes.

Our mission

is to provide a platform for students of forest sciences to enrich their formal education, promote cultural understanding by encouraging collaboration with international partner organisations and to gain practical experiences with a wider and more global perspective. Through its network, IFSA encourages student meetings, enables participation in scientific debates, and supports the involvement of youth in decision making processes and international forest and environmental policy.

Our members and partnerships

IFSA's members are generally local associations of forestry students but individual subscriptions are also possible.

IFSA achieves its goals by organising extracurricular activities which promote exchange of experiences and information between students. Those activities take place in International Forestry Students’ Symposiums (IFSS), seminars, several working groups called commissions, publications,etc.

IFSA also maintains excellent partnerships with international forest related organisations like IUFRO, EFI, CFA but also other international students' associations.

Why membership in IUFRO is important for IFSA

Most students are directly connected to research during their studies, through their professors, internships, scientific projets and courses. Our partnership with IUFRO strengthens this exchange and gives them a global perspective. It promotes trainees in research organizations and favors a strong involvement in international meetings. Good examples are given by internships in IUFRO Headquarters in Vienna, as well as the involvement of IFSA delegates during the XXIII IUFRO World Congress in Seoul, August 2010.  Thanks to the membership of IFSA in IUFRO, students can benefit from IUFRO publications and communications as well as Division meetings. This is a first step into scientific activities, and an incentive for students to get involved with IUFRO in the future.


IFSA Students at the XXIII IUFRO World Congress,
August 2012, Seoul, South Korea


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