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Congress News Stories

As part of the Congress promotional activities, IUFRO will produce a series of pre-Congress releases that will highlight areas of each of the nine themes to be addressed during the Congress.

  • Forests and Climate Change
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Resource
  • Forest Environmental Services
  • Asia's Forests for the Future
  • Forest Products and Production Processes for a Greener Future
  • Emerging Technologies in the Forest Sector
  • Frontiers in Forest and Tree Health
  • Forests, Communities and Cultures
  • Forests, Human Health and Environmental Security

The first IUFRO World Congress already took place over a hundred years ago in Germany. Since then it has been bringing together scientists and stakeholders to discuss priority areas of forest research, policy and management. The Congress is held at 5-year intervals, and in August 2010 will be in Seoul, the Republic of Korea.

Here you may find the original date of release for each story with a link including translations, media contacts and illustrations:

19 July 2010 - The Healing Effects of Forests
15 June 2010 - Would You Put a Tree in Your Gas Tank?
26 April 2010 - Forest Monitoring: Linking Science and Policy
15 March 2010 - Taking Forestry "Uptown"
15 February 2010 - Bushmeat: Beyond the Ecological Crisis
25 January 2010 - Full-Service Forests: Food, Pharmaceuticals & Fibre
11 January 2010 - Climate Change Adds to Forest Threat
21 December 2009 - Trees: A Low-Cost Climate Mitigation Tool
3 November 2009 - A Rebirth for the Forests of Asia
27 October 2009 - Introductory Story