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IUFRO is pleased to announce the Bio-economy Symposium which will be held as part of the Austrian Forest Dialogue (Walddialog), prior to the IUFRO Enlarged Board meeting.[more]


New York, 21 March —The sustainable management and conservation of forests must be considered in the design and implementation of the new sustainable development goals and the new climate change agreement to be adopted this...[more]


At the Bonn Challenge 2.0 meeting on 20-21 March IUFRO presents a stoplight framework developed by IUFRO scientists to demonstrate how FLR can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation...[more]


Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife (CPW) launches sourcebook on bushmeat.[more]


IUFRO is pleased to announce the Bio-economy Symposium which will be held as part of the Austrian Forest Dialogue (Walddialog), prior to the IUFRO Enlarged Board meeting.[more]


The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests (IDF). The theme of the 2015 IDF is Forests | Climate | Change. Spread the word about IDF! [more]


"Shifting global development discourses: Implications for forests and livelihoods"[more]


IUFRO-SPDC Pre-Congress Training Workshops in connection with the XXIV IUFRO World Congress 2014; 29 September-3 October 2014 in Snowbird, Utah, USA; Venue: Snowbird Resort[more]


Faced with a continuously expanding global population, particularly in developing countries, securing sufficient food for over 9 billion people by 2050 is of prime concern.[more]


New Findings on the Dynamics between Forests, Land Use and Food Security[more]


IUFRO Task Forces are established on a temporary basis to advance inter-disciplinary cooperation in inter-divisional forest research fields. Their focus is on emerging key issues that are of strong interests to policy makers and...[more]


IUFRO and CIFOR organize a Discussion Forum on Sunday, 7 December, 16.00-17.30, presenting "New findings on the dynamics between forests, land use and food security".[more]


In the Closing Ceremony to the XXIV IUFRO World Congress the Salt Lake City Declaration was presented.[more]


Niels Elers Koch handed over the IUFRO Presidency at the 24th IUFRO World Congress in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.[more]


IUFRO and METLA sign a Memorandum of Understanding during the XXIV IUFRO World Congress to deepen good cooperation.[more]


The 25th World Congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) shall take place in Curitiba, Brazil, in October 2019. This is what the IUFRO International Council decided at its first meeting during...[more]


Tomorrow, Sunday 5 October, the 2014 IUFRO World Congress will start in Salt Lake City. First activities include introductory sessions, a Tree Planting Ceremony and registration.[more]


IUFRO Headquarters is pleased to announce the launch of the new IUFRO website. [more]


During the last 2 years, ITTO and IUFRO have conducted a project on REDDES (Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services from Forests).[more]


Join The Collaborative Partnership on Forests as it awards one extraordinary individual USD20,000 for improving our forests and the lives of people who depend on them![more]


Int'l meeting on genetics of five-needle pines and rusts of forest trees research discussed advances in gene conservation, genomics, rust resistance, impacts of climate change, and more... [more]


"Future concepts in uneven-aged silviculture for a changing world" was the theme of 9th IUFRO International Conference on Uneven-aged Silviculture held last June in Birmensdorf, Switzerland.[more]


A comprehensive study of the conditions that assist sustainable forest development will be published at the upcoming IUFRO World Congress this fall in Salt Lake City, USA.[more]


Submit your blog showcasing the Congress theme "Sustaining Forests, Sustaining People – The Role of Research" by 30th September! You can win a cash prize of $500 USD![more]


We invite interested social media users, professionals, journalists, students, as well as beginners who have a desire to spread the word and promote the #IUFRO2014 Congress to join our SMT. More ...[more]


The "Ozone and Plants" conference held in May in Beijing confirmed ozone to be a serious air pollution problem and addressed effects of ozone on ecosystem services provided by forests and grasslands.[more]


The forum on "Linking Gender, Adaptation, Climate Change and Forestry/Resource Management" aimed to identify how gender affects the capacity of forest-based communities to adapt to climate.[more]


The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) has extended the closing date for its prestigious Wangari Maathai Award.[more]


The MEDINSECT conference in Antalya, Turkey, discussed entomological research in Mediterranean forest ecosystems and had a strong focus on Turkey with its high diversity of forest insects.[more]


Submit the top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes that you think need to be asked![more]


After a sucessful first year, IUFRO and IFSA are very happy again to invite applications for this position.[more]


Acacia 2014 - Sustaining the Future of Acacia Plantation Forestry: The Acacia 2014 meeting focused primarily on plantation management for sustainable wood production, risk evaluation and management, genetics and breeding, and...[more]


The Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF), of which IUFRO is a member, is awarding one extraordinary individual USD20,000 for improving our forests and the lives of people who depend on them![more]


Dr. Alan Lucier, member of the Congress Organizing Committee of the 2014 IUFRO World Congress, passed away on Thursday, March 27, 2014. [more]


We are deeply saddened by the death of Professor Dr. Peter Glueck, who passed away on 3 March 2014.[more]


Casuarina generates livelihood opportunities for farmers and agriculture-dependent labor force. An international workshop in Chennai, India, focused on this important species group.[more]


The International Conference on Adopting REDD+ for Conservation, Sustainable Community Livelihood and Climate Change Mitigation held in Hong Kong searched for answers to this question.[more]


Horizon 2020 is the new EU funding programme for research and innovation running over a seven year period (2014 to 2020).[more]


Diverse aspects of the relationship between biodiversity and population in the context of climate disturbance were discussed at a meeting in December at the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.[more]


The 2013 Workshop on Decision Support Systems and the ForestDSS Community of Practice presented research and development of decision support systems for sustainable forest management and policy advice.[more]


From adhesive suppliers to users of the downstream product, from industry to academia, government, or NGO, this conference brought together leaders in the field from around the world. More... [more]


The panel will prepare a comprehensive global assessment of available scientific information about the relationship of forests and trees with food security and nutrition.[more]


Come to the 24th IUFRO World Congress in Salt Lake City on 5-11 October to share knowledge and meet colleagues from around the world! Early-bird registration rates will be available through April 2014. More…[more]


Current research activities concerning the pine wood nematode, its vector and related microorganisms and pine wilt disease worldwide were addressed at IUFRO conference in Germany.[more]


At a IUFRO conference in Canada scientists discussed latest findings related to the ecology and management of forest insects, and the potential for climate and climate change to affect their dynamics.[more]


IUFRO conference in Japan highlighted the importance of a gender perspective for understanding the present situation and future development of community-based forestry and small-scale forestry. [more]


IUFRO conference in Brazil on impacts of air pollution and climate change on forest ecosystems stresses importance of unifying research and evidence from the northern and southern hemispheres.[more]


IUFRO Task Force conference on resources for the future addresses implications of globalization for forests, plantations, bioproducts and advanced building systems and forest ecosystem services.[more]


Abstract submission continues to be open, while a new Congress Booklet provides Up to date information on anything Congress![more]


IUFRO-SPDC's 30th ANNIVERSARY IUFRO-SPDC has been operational for 30 years now! [more]


The lack of knowledge about the presence and frequency of occurrence of viral diseases in forest trees gives the impression that they are rare and not so important. However, the opposite is the case...[more]


Cecil Konijnendijk, professor of green space management at the University of Copenhagen, wins the L.C. Chadwick Award for Arboricultural Research from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). [more]


3rd International Congress on Planted Forests and the preceding workshops investigated contributions of planted forests to sustainable development in the context of global changes.[more]


Conference on primeval beech forests calls for common multidisciplinary scientific platform to share achievements on structure, dynamics and biodiversity of European beech primeval forests.[more]


Sustainable interventions in mountainous forest areas represent a key issue and demand a deep understanding of the relationship between products, management practices and site susceptibility.[more]


The European Forest Week (9-13 December 2013) will be celebrated throughout Europe, with special events in Rovaniemi, Finland, during Metsä2013. Apply for parallel events and side events … [more]


IUFROLAT 2013 was a wonderful experience as it brought together a unique range of actors from the natural resources sector of Latin America. Spanish and English versions of the conclusions are now available![more]


IUFRO-SPDC has a new name and is now called "Special Programme for Development of Capacities".[more]


A workshop on "Lidar Applications in Forest Inventory and Related Statistical Issues" in Italy looked into the use of space-borne or air-borne lidar data for the estimation of forest attributes.[more]


The 2013 FORSYS Conference in Sweden discussed the state-of-the art on the development and use of decision support systems that enhance forest management planning and forest policy analysis.[more]


IFSA and IUFRO are cooperating even closer: the two organizations are offering a 40-hour position, divided equally between IFSA and IUFRO.[more]


The World Teak Conference 2013 "Sharing our Planet: Teak Model Development towards the Improvement of Mankind” in Thailand examined the multiple aspects of teak cultivation and management.[more]


Participants at the symposium "MORIOKA 2013: Global Forest Products Marketing and Forest Certification in a Green Economy" discussed strategies and challenges of the forest sector in a green economy.[more]


The World Teak Conference in Bangkok, the Morioka 2013 symposium on the role of the forest sector in a green economy, and IUFRO's activities at UNFF10 in Turkey are among the highlights of this issue.[more]


IUFRO celebrated the first International Day of Forests on 21 March with an official opening of its new offices located in the building of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Life. [more]


United Nations, Observing First International Day of Forests, Celebrates Their Vital, Life-sustaining Role: UN Press Release[more]


2013 is a special year for forests, with many activities and initiatives underway to recognize and strengthen the important role forests play in our lives.[more]


A series of excellent improvements and updates have been implemented to make the Global Forest Information Service even more user-friendly and efficient. Check out the search by topic and more![more]


3rd IUFRO Gender and Forestry Conference in Wondo, Ethiopia, looked at progress and development of four decades of gender research, knowledge expansion and implementation in forestry.[more]


IUFRO Symposium on Nutrient Dynamics of Planted Forests discussed principles of nutrition in nursery seedlings and juvenile forest trees as well as technologies to optimize seedling quality.[more]


The AdapCAR and IUFRO WP 2.02.00 meeting held in Riga, Latvia, in October, studied genetic aspects of adaptation and mitigation with regard to forest health, wood quality and biomass production.[more]


Participants of the meeting on 'Managing forests for ecosystem services: can spruce forests show the way?' discussed how to use spruce-dominated forests as a 'model' system to evaluate MEA concepts. [more]


"Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems and Landscapes" conference in Ireland stressed the need for a better understanding of ecological processes and functional relationships between species.[more]


At the "Trees beyond Wood" conference in Sheffield, UK, ecologists, foresters, woodland managers, tree experts and enthusiasts, and historians met to explore concepts of woods, forests and trees.[more]


A project has been launched which supports ITTO producer countries in Africa in dealing with the challenges of reducing deforestation and enhancing the rehabilitation of degraded tropical forests.[more]


On 16 October, the IUFRO-led Global Expert Panel on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+ presented some emerging key messages of its current scientific assessment work at the CBD meeting in Hyderabad.[more]


The 12th Int'l IUFRO Wood Drying Conference (WDC 2012) was the first of its kind to take place in South America, in Brazil, and offered a great opportunity to learn about tropical rainforest species.[more]


The 1st Brazilian Meeting on Forest Mensuration (MENSUFLOR) aimed to promote knowledge exchange among forest mensuration professionals from educational, research and extension institutions.[more]


IUFRO was represented in an international group of 14 specialists who attended a Seminar on Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in Pyongyang, DPR Korea, and explored ways of future cooperation.[more]


IUFRO Immediate Past President Dr. Don Koo Lee participated in several high-level events at the Rio+20 Summit.[more]


Mark your calendars for the Third IUFRO Latin American Congress; 12-15 June 2013, San José, Costa Rica![more]


The MEDINSECT 3 conference held in Hammamet, Tunisia, this May addressed topics such as insect biodiversity, exotic pests, population genetics and dynamics, forest decline and insect control.[more]


Nomination deadline extended to 20 July 2012![more]


After several days of presentations and discussions, the Nairobi Resolution was presented in the Closing Ceremony on Friday afternoon.[more]


"Forests and Trees: Serving the People of Africa and the World". 25–29 June 2012; Nairobi, Kenya. [more]


At the 'Urban Forests – Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Maintenance' conference last May in Leipzig, Germany, innovations in urban forestry and green infrastructure delivery were discussed. [more]


CPF has launched its first Wangari Maathai Award to recognize individuals who have made outstanding efforts for forests and the people that depend on forests. Deadline for nominations: 15 June.[more]


An IUFRO conference on new trends and challenges in forest management with emphasis on human wellbeing and benefits for society organized by BOKU and partners from 22-24 May in Alpbach, Austria.[more]


Key forest governance experts met with global, national and local foci, and practitioners from Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand to discuss policy integration and stakeholder learning.[more]


The IUFRO World Congress 2014 will be an opportunity to honour outstanding scientific achievements and contributions to forestry with a range of IUFRO Awards. [more]


As a partner organization in the Major Groups-led Initiative in support of UNFF, IUFRO will present 3 discussion papers in Rio and is also represented at FAO-ICPFA's "Forests: the heart of a green economy".[more]


An IUFRO policy statement adds forest science information to ICSU's "Input for Rio+20 Compilation Document", yet the document still makes little explicit reference to forests.[more]


A workshop held last December in Nanning, China, discussed the multinational and transboundary conservation of valuable and endangered forest tree species in Southeast Asia and South Asia.[more]


At a conference on research priorities in tropical silviculture in Montpellier, France, silviculture was recognized as a potential tool to help conserve a major share of tropical forests whilst deriving economic benefits from...[more]


The need to promote multipurpose forest ecosystem management by taking into account ecological and economic considerations as well as societal needs was emphasised at the Nanning Conference.[more]


The "Global Forest Expert Panels" (GFEP) initiative of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) has established an Expert Panel on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+. [more]


The 13th IUFRO meeting on Root and Butt Rot of Forest Trees held in September 2011 in Italy discussed, among other things, role of root rots in European and North American forest ecosystems.[more]


The Congress website is online and registration is open![more]


Former IUFRO Vice-President James H. Cayford passed away on 17 November. Obituary by Lorne F. Riley and Jack H. Smyth.[more]


IUFRO, UNDP/UN-REDD and IUCN Discussion Forum on Forest Day 5 focuses on participation of indigenous peoples and local communities in forest management. Watch a video in memory of Wangari Maathai.[more]