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Scientific Summary 123 in IUFRO News Vol. 43, Double Issue 6&7, mid-July 2014

The Ozone and Plants conference was held on 18-21 May 2014 in Beijing, China. It was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on behalf of the IUFRO Research Group 7.01.00 "Impacts of Air Pollution and Climate Change on Forest Ecosystems" and the ICP Vegetation.

A strong focus of the conference was on ozone effects on crop yield quality and quantity. Given the continuous and fast rise of the world population, pressure on food is expected to dramatically increase. Methods for assessing yield quality and approaches for improving yield quantity as a mitigation option in ozone-polluted environments were discussed, with an emphasis on breeding for more tolerant cultivars, especially for the two world’s most important food crops, rice and wheat. Ozone toxicity mechanisms and dose-response relationships were also presented and discussed, among other things.

Download the full Scientific Summary:

Ozone and Plants

By Elena Paoletti, Deputy Coordinator of IUFRO Research Group 7.01.00 Impacts of air pollution and climate change on forest ecosystems (

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The "Ozone and Plants" conference held in May in Beijing confirmed ozone to be a serious air pollution problem and addressed effects of ozone on ecosystem services provided by forests and grasslands.


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