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All IUFRO Publications in chronological order


This issue highlights recent IUFRO meetings on uneven-aged forestry, five-needle pines, poplars, forest utilization and ergonomics, tree breeding, ecological economics, among other things.


IUFRO Occasional Paper 27 presents the first of 3 case studies on potentials of biochar for climate change mitigation. Studies from Turkey and South Korea will follow.


In a special issue of IUFRO News the names of the recipients of IUFRO's prestigious scientific awards to be presented during the IUFRO 2014 Congress are released.


To be published at IUFRO 2014 World Congress: Comprehensive study of conditions assisting sustainable forest development emphasizes need for more holistic approaches.


A recent study indicates that mixed species growth predictions can be made easier by considering changes over space and time in species interactions.


2013 was a remarkable year for IUFRO. Read all about activities and achievements of IUFRO Divisions, Task Forces, Programmes, Projects and Initiatives, and our work at the science/policy interface.


At a session on Sustainable Biomass for Energy and Industrial Raw Materials at the IUFRO World Congress scientists will discuss current issues in biomass development with a strong focus on forests.


Read reports about such diverse topics as genetic conservation of teak resources, management of landscape change, ozone and plants, green cities, or linking gender and adaptation to climate change.


Eucalyptus species and hybrids make up the most widely planted hardwood crop globally. An international team of researchers has now successfully sequenced and analyzed the genome of Eucalyptus grandis.


Congress session on urban forest diversity and ecosystem services aims to guide future research and policies related to sustaining urban forests and the critical ecosystem services provided by them.


IUFRO 2014 World Congress session aims to encourage forest managers to include forest-derived foods and medicines, as well as timber, in their planning, policies and practices.


Learn about entomological research in Mediterranean forest ecosystems; forest resources monitoring, the "Florence Declaration on the Links between Biological and Cultural Diversity" and more...


Highlighting the Acacia 2014 meeting on "Sustaining the Future of Acacia Plantation Forestry" in Vietnam, and the 2014 symposium on "Forest Economics – Gateway to Sustainability", in the USA.


IUFRO 2014 Congress session on "Forest management for adaptation to climate change" to discuss different approaches to adaptation strategies considering a wider range of possibilities...


A session on the "societal impacts of invasive forest pathogens and pests" at the 24th IUFRO World Congress this fall will emphasize the importance of 'citizen science' in the fight against invasives.


Learn about a conference on natural resource management and climate change mitigation; get informed about the progress of the new GFEP on Forests and Food Security; get updated on IUFRO 2014; ...


Update: Forest governance scholarship for the real world: Building strategic insights through policy learning – Issues & Options Briefs on Forest Policy


Consumers and Industry: Keen on Green

IUFRO 2014 Congress session on Forests and Forest Products for a Greener Future looks at how business and marketing research can contribute to the market success of innovative green products.


Forest outlook: What does the future hold?

Scientists at the 2014 IUFRO World Congress will discuss the transformative effects of globalization on the use of forest resources and on the companies and communities that extract...


Read about topics such as Casuarina improvement for securing rural livelihoods, the role and efficiency of REDD+, the importance of science communication and, the IUFRO-IFSA relationship.


Forest decision support systems, biodiversity and sustainable development in the context of climate change, women in agroforestry and, higher forestry education are among the main topics of this issue.


This issue informs about IUFRO's successful participation in the Global Landscapes Forum, provides updates on the IUFRO 2014 Congress as well as meeting reports and announcements of interest...


Forest governance scholarship for the real world: Building strategic insights through policy learning Issues & Options Briefs on Forest Policy..


Learn more about some recently held important IUFRO meetings on topics such as landscape ecology, systems analysis in forest resources, forest soils, forest biomass, forest insect disturbance etc.


This issue highlights opportunities for the forest sector to meet future demands for resources and looks at future needs to better understand complex impacts of abiotic and biotic factors on forests.


Summary report of the 3rd International Congress on Planted Forests underlines increasing and vital role of planted forests and trees as supporters of key needs but also stresses their vulnerability.


The topics covered in this issue range from viruses and phytoplasma of forest and urban trees to forest genetics, silviculture and ungulates, and legal aspects for sustainable forest development...


Recall last year's activities of IUFRO and its Units, with a special focus on the pursuit of the IUFRO Strategy goals, and find facts and figures about the organization.


Take a look back at the 3rd IUFROLAT Congress and related events and read about meetings on topics such as mountain forests, beech forests, planted forests, agroforestry, and tree biotechnology.


A recently published study: Global Wildland Fire Season Severity in the 21st Century, indicates that in coming decades, conventional approaches to wildfire management may no longer be effective.


Read about IUFRO conferences on the value of sense of place in forest research, on novel approaches for decision support in SFM and policy advice, on Lidar applications in forest inventory, and more…


An evidence-based report, 'Benefits of Urban Parks: A systematic review', offers a comprehensive and critical assessment that evaluates the evidence supporting a series of park benefits.


The World Teak Conference in Bangkok, the Morioka 2013 symposium on the role of the forest sector in a green economy, and IUFRO's activities at UNFF10 in Turkey are among the highlights of this issue.


The UN General Assembly has designated 21 March as the International Day of Forests. IUFRO celebrated the 1st IDF with the opening of its new offices in the building of the Austrian Ministry of Life.


Persons involved in peatland management can benefit from a new book entitled Peatland Ecology and Forestry – a Sound Approach that gathers an impressive array of research from various countries.


The official announcement of the XXIV IUFRO World Congress in October 2014 in Salt Lake City has just been published – think about making plans to attend! And celebrate the Int'l Day of Forests on 21 March!


Find information on the online call for session proposals for the next IUFRO World Congress, reports from IUFRO meetings as well as interesting publications, upcoming meetings and much more…


Read about successful IUFRO meetings on landscape ecology, spruce forests and ecosystem services, Norway spruce test series, genetic aspects of adaptation and mitigation, agroforestry and more…


The publication "Gender, Development and Environmental Governance" takes a look at the issue of gender equality as it relates to development and environmental governance of the forests.


Report on "Understanding Relationships between Biodiversity, Carbon, Forests and People: The Key to Achieving REDD+ Objectives" and Policy brief now online. Official launch in Doha on 2 December!


Reports from IUFRO meetings highlight scientific activities ranging from exploring concepts of woods, forests and trees to agroforestry, wood culture, biodiversity, forest law and much more…


This issue highlights recent studies that examine the significance of carbon emissions from boreal peatland fires and the relationship between peat moisture and the potential for burning.


A record number of more than 500 researchers from all over the world gathered at IUFRO's All Division 5 conference in Portugal to discuss "Forests and Forest Products Now and in the Future".


Read reports from meetings on forest landscape restoration, alien invasive species and boreal mixedwoods, and get informed about events such as the 3rd IUFRO Latin American Congress 2013.


The paper highlighted is one output from a multi-year analysis that Benjamin Cashore and his associates at Yale are undertaking to better understand the potential of legality verification.


The First IUFRO-FORNESSA Regional Congress held in Kenya from 25-29 June, the "Forests for People" conference in Austria in May and other important meetings and news are highlighted in this issue.


This joint CPF publication is reinforcing the fundamental message to Rio+20 that forests are vital to the survival and well-being of people everywhere. Find IUFRO’s contributions on pp. 27 and 32.


A recent study conducted in two forest-dependent areas in Africa emphasizes cross-sectoral planning as a key element in implementing any effective climate change adaptation strategy.


Extended abstracts from the Asia and the Pacific Workshop on Multinational and Transboundary Conservation of Valuable and Endangered Forest Tree Species in Guangzhou, China, 5-7 December 2011.


Recall activities of IUFRO and its Units in the International Year of Forests, with a special focus on the pursuit of the IUFRO Strategy goals, and find facts and figures about the organization.


The first IUFRO all-Division 9 Forest Policy and Economics conference was a great success. Read about this and other IUFRO events and find announcements of jobs, publications and meetings, etc.


Read about meetings on forest models in support of sustainable forest management or on forest governance issues and think about nominating candidates for the IUFRO World Congress 2014 awards.


As part of the activities to commemorate the International Year of Forests 2011, the book presents best practices from governments and stakeholders to promote sustainable forest management.


Specialists in humus forms have been working to develop a standardized system of classifying the condition and configuration of topsoil layers adapted to European ecological conditions.


Learn about a new IUFRO-FORNESSA initiative addressing deforestation and forest rehabilitation in Africa and read an interview with IUFRO's Forest Policy and Economics Division Coordinator.


The book Expert Knowledge and Its Application in Landscape Ecology provides insight into what expert knowledge is and how it can be applied for conservation and management-related issues.


New publication as part of a series of policy briefs produced by IUFRO-WFSE highlighting some of the key issues in securing the continued function of the boreal forests to work for people and nature.


New GFEP Expert Panel on Biodiversity, Forest Management, and REDD+ is preparing an assessment that will provide a stronger scientific basis for decisions about REDD+ policies and projects.


There is growing scientific research that suggests forests and other natural, green settings can reduce stress, improve moods, curtail aggressiveness and even strengthen our immune systems.


Multipurpose forest ecosystem management, silviculture in tropical forests and transboundary conservation of endangered tree species are major topics of the January issue of IUFRO News.


In the coming decades, forests will play a major role in our planet's carbon cycle and in our efforts to manage the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.


Read about IUFRO's activities at the UN Durban Climate Change Conference and at the Asia Pacific Forestry Week in Beijing, and learn about IUFRO meetings, new publications and upcoming events.


Forest pathologists propose to phase out all trade in plants and plant products that are of high risk to forest health worldwide. Their proposal is articulated in the Montesclaros Declaration.


"Desafíos de los bosques amazónicos y oportunidades para el manejo forestal comunitario" in Spanish language has been published as CIAS Discussion Paper 20 & IUFRO Occasional Paper 25.


New IUFRO series highlights topical and policy-relevant publications from the IUFRO network. After an introductory issue by the IUFRO President, Spotlight looks at Traditional Forest Knowledge.


Major topics of this issue are forest restoration, forest technologies for mitigating climate change, carbon storage and management in forest ecosystems, novel risks with bark and wood boring insects etc.


Read an interview with IUFRO Vice-President Mike Wingfield and interesting reports from meetings about diverse themes such as historical ecology, genetic resistance, adaptation to climate change, etc.


Read about IUFRO's participation in the Forest Europe Ministerial Conference as well as about meetings on Mediterranean pines, tree biotechnology, forest products marketing and much more…


Read an interview with IUFRO Vice-President Su See Lee and reports from a symposium on land owner extension, a forest inventory workshop, a forest pathology meeting, and the forestry leaders' summit.


- World Series Vol. 29 – Last year's symposium in the Philippines provided participants with the opportunity to enhance their capacity of conducting vulnerability assessment of various ecosystems.


Read about the importance of deadwood for forest ecosystems, the parallel changes in environmental conditions and forest management strategies, the 4th Forest Engineering Conference, and much more...


Read two press releases – one on forests and health and one on community-based forest management – that the CPF has published lately as a joint initiative in the International Year of Forests.


Get informed about important IUFRO Board decisions, read an interview with IUFRO’s new Deputy Executive Director Michael Kleine, and find announcements of positions, publications, meetings etc.


At UNFF9, IUFRO presented the results of the most comprehensive scientific assessment to date of international forest governance underlining the multiple benefits of forests and the need for a cross-sector approach.


Read reports from the China-ASEAN International Wood Culture Forum and the IUFRO Learning Event at Forest Day 4 and find the new GFEP Assessment Report on International Forest Regime.


Global Panel of Forest Experts releases assessment report and policy brief about international efforts to improve forest governance. Both documents will be launched officially at UNFF9.


Read meeting reports on canopy processes in a changing climate, on the future of beech, as well as an article on redefining community forestry, and an interview with the new IUFRO Executive Director.


IUFRO's Special Project on World Forests, Society and Environment (IUFRO-WFSE) has launched its most recent policy brief "Asian Forests: Working for People and Nature".


Reports from meetings on subjects as diverse as laser scanning for forest applications; landscape ecology; poplars and willows; uneven-aged forest management and larch genetics are published in this issue.


Find information related to the XXIII IUFRO World Congress, including the Seoul Resolution, Honours and Awards and International Council Decisions and read an interview with the new IUFRO President.


IUFRO World Series Vol. 27 looks at green technologies for climate change mitigation and adaptation.


IUFRO World Series Vol. 25, produced by IUFRO-WFSE, is the result of a collaborative effort involving researchers in multiple disciplines from throughout the world.


IUFRO's Occasional Paper 24 looks at the effects that climate change will have on forest-dependent people in Africa. The report was presented at the XXIII IUFRO World Congress.


Reports from IUFRO meetings about multi-purpose poplar plantations, small-scale forestry and the role of extension and technology transfer and a media release on the upgraded GFIS gateway are among the major topics of this double...


IUFRO honours through a variety of awards those who advance science and promote international cooperation in all fields of research related to forestry.


Highlighting IUFRO's significant forest science activities and interdisciplinary cooperation as well as its initiatives to promote scientific knowledge to international forest policy in 2009...


The Rusts of Forest Trees conference in Italy, the conference on People, Forests and the Environment: Coexisting in Harmony held in Morocco and a workshop on Diseases of Tropical Trees held in Uganda are especially highlighted in...


This issue includes reports from the "SmallWood 2010" and "Adaptation of Forest Ecosystems to Air Pollution and Climate Change" conferences as well as information about a new IUFRO Policy Brief.


Forest pathogens increasingly threaten forest health and productivity. Particularly destructive have been species of Phytophthora. This issue reports from the 5th IUFRO meeting on Phytophthora.


The ecology and silviculture of Mediterranean pines with a focus on climate change, its potential effects and adaptive solutions as well as the importance of urban forests and an update on GFEP are highlighted in this issue.


Learn about important findings from the 11th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference in Sweden and read about a session on bushmeat hunting to be held at the IUFRO World Congress in Seoul.


The first issue in 2010 puts a focus on IUFRO's activities in the framework of the Copenhagen climate change discussions and highlights a workshop on how "green" products can help to reduce carbon emissions.


IUFRO's new media and important IUFRO announcements are highlighted in addition to the message sent by the World Forestry Congress to COP15 including key findings of the IUFRO-led GFEP study.


This issue looks at the challenges and opportunities of meeting multiple demands for forest information with new technologies in forest data gathering, and also reports on the World Forestry Congress in Argentina.


IUFRO’s Occasional Paper 23 summarizes the state of the art of forest policy responses regarding adaptation to climate change in 14 countries.


In addition to discussing arguments for more social science in forestry, this issue informs about IUFRO's presence at the WFC in Argentina and presents the new IUFRO World Series 23 and 24.


– World Series Vol. 24 – Read about the threats that increased trade and international travel pose to forest health by the introduction of alien species including pests and diseases.


– World Series Vol. 23 – Find out how traditional forest knowledge sustains the livelihoods, cultures and the forest and agricultural resources of local and indigenous communities in Africa.


Highlighting IUFRO's significant forest science activities and interdisciplinary cooperation as well as its initiatives to promote scientific knowledge to international forest policy in 2008…


The two main articles of this issue deal with forest management and utilization in Mediterranean countries, and with new modes of governance in forest and environmental policy.

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