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IUFRO World Series - profound and far-reaching


The IUFRO World Series was launched in 1990. It was designed to give IUFRO officeholders a possibility to make their expertise known to a larger public. In most cases, reports resulting from IUFRO meetings, IUFRO Task Force reports or results from the work of IUFRO Special Projects and Programmes are published in this series. The main focus is on original research devoted to specific themes either in the form of collected articles or as single extensive contributions.

The IUFRO World Series do not undergo a peer review procedure, but are subject to quality control by IUFRO itself (internal review process involving Coordinators of IUFRO Divisions, Task Forces, Programmes or Projects). It is an IUFRO in-house publication and IUFRO HQ handles the distribution of the book unless otherwise agreed.


This publication aims at presenting topics of far-reaching importance to the international forest and forest-related community and to the IUFRO network.

World Series


The most recent GFEP global assessment report on "Forests, Trees and Landscapes for Food Security and Nutrition" officially launched at UNFF11 in New York, on 6 May 2015.


This publication offers a comprehensive study of the conditions that assist sustainable forest development.


Report on "Understanding Relationships between Biodiversity, Carbon, Forests and People: The Key to Achieving REDD+ Objectives" and Policy brief is now online. Official launch in Doha on 2 December!


Extended abstracts from the Asia and the Pacific Workshop on Multinational and Transboundary Conservation of Valuable and Endangered Forest Tree Species in Guangzhou, China, 5-7 December 2011.


Last year's symposium in the Philippines provided participants with the opportunity to enhance their capacity of conducting vulnerability assessment of various ecosystems.

IUFRO Occasional Papers - concise and topical


The IUFRO Occasional Paper Series was initiated in 1994. It covers topics of special relevance at a given point in time and offers rapid dissemination of short publications reflecting IUFRO activities, summarized IUFRO Task Force reports, selected papers presented at international fora and discussion papers. Since 2005 this in-house publication is a pure electronic series, underlining its ambition of bringing forward IUFRO’s immediate contribution to important forest-related issues. Occasional Papers can be downloaded from the IUFRO Web.


Like the World Series, this series is designed to give IUFRO officeholders the possibility to make their expertise known to a larger public.

Occasional Papers


This Occasional Paper highlights scientific findings of IUFRO Task Forces between 2011 and 2014 through individual Research Letters.


Cover page The Austrian PerspectiveAuthors: Viktor J. Bruckman and Michaela Klinglmüller Citation: Bruckman, V.J. and Klinglmüller, M. (2014): Potentials to Mitigate Climate Change Using Biochar -...


Update: Forest governance scholarship for the real world: Building strategic insights through policy learning - Issues & Options Briefs on Forest Policy


"Desafíos de los bosques amazónicos y oportunidades para el manejo forestal comunitario" in Spanish language has been published as CIAS Discussion Paper 20 & IUFRO Occasional Paper 25.


IUFRO's Occasional Paper 24 looks at the effects that climate change will have on forest-dependent people in Africa. The report was presented at the XXIII IUFRO World Congress.

IUFRO Research Series – high-quality CABI cooperation

The IUFRO Research Series, published in cooperation with CAB International, offers a single, uniform outlet for high-quality publications arising from major IUFRO meetings and other products of IUFRO's research units.

The editing, publishing and dissemination experience of CABI Publishing and the huge spread of scientific endeavours of IUFRO combine to make information widely available that is of value to policy makers, resource managers, peer scientists and educators. The IUFRO Board forms the Editorial Advisory Board for the Series and provides the monitoring and uniformity that such a high-quality series requires in addition to the editorial work of conference organizers.

IUFRO member organizations are entitled to a 25% discount provided that with their order they point out that they are members of IUFRO.

Research Series


Drawing on a host of international case-studies, this detailed book examines the interactions between forestry and environmental change, from a social, economic and political perspective.


This book investigates the diverse impacts of forest history on forest biodiversity, and in particular forest continuity, fragmentation and past management, on the diversity and distribution of...


This volume reviews current knowledge on hydrological impacts, including flooding and soil erosion, desertification in Mediterranean Europe and Africa, landslides, mangrove forests and hazards along...


This book, produced by expert scientists in world forests, provides a review of what is known about the impact of elevated CO2 and other greenhouse gases on forest ecosystems.


This book reviews current thinking about scientifically based indicators, and sustainable management of natural and plantation forests. The contents have been developed from papers presented at an...