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Climate Change Impacts on African Forests and People

Forests cover nearly one-third of the earth's surface and hold the majority of its terrestrial species. They also account for almost half the terrestrial carbon pool and thus play a significant role in regulating the earth's climate. Changes in climate alter the configuration of forest ecosystems, and result in drastic upheavals in their composition, distribution and productivity. These effects, induced by climate change, will aggravate the existing stresses that derive from non-climate factors. In turn, this will have fundamental impacts on the viability of the livelihoods of millions of forest-dependent people in Africa.

Lead Author: Chris EASTAUGH
Contributing Authors: Louis Bernard CHETEU, Joseph COBBINAH, Francis DWOMOH, Bernard FOAHOM, Ernest FOLI, Monica IDINOBA, Steve MAKUNGWA, Johnson NKEM, Phanuel OBALLA, Henry UTILA
Supported by: IUFRO HQ
Published: 2010

ISSN 1024-414X
Copyright by IUFRO and the authors

Download Occasional Paper No. 24:

Climate Change Impacts on African Forests and People

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