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IUFRO News Vol. 41, Issue 10, early November 2012

A great number of most successful IUFRO conferences took place in the past few weeks in all parts of the world. Reports from some of these meetings underline the great diversity of research topics covered in IUFRO and the importance of these conferences for knowledge exchange among scientists from different regions and different fields of expertise. Furthermore, this issue of IUFRO News has a large announcement section, informing about upcoming meetings – such as the 3rd IUFRO Latin American Congress to be held in June 2013 – latest publications and proceedings from IUFRO meetings, vacancy and scholarship announcements and includes links to the latest IUFRO Spotlight and the recent GFEP briefing note for the CBD conference in Hyderabad.


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IUFRO News 10, 2012 (PDF)
IUFRO News 10, 2012 (Word document)

Publications Archive



New thematic study coordinated by Bioversity International for FAO highlights the breadth and depth of genetic aspects that need to be considered in ecosystem restoration using native tree species.


This issue highlights recent IUFRO meetings on uneven-aged forestry, five-needle pines, poplars, forest utilization and ergonomics, tree breeding, ecological economics, among other things.


IUFRO Occasional Paper 27 presents the first of 3 case studies on potentials of biochar for climate change mitigation. Studies from Turkey and South Korea will follow.


In a special issue of IUFRO News the names of the recipients of IUFRO's prestigious scientific awards to be presented during the IUFRO 2014 Congress are released.


To be published at IUFRO 2014 World Congress: Comprehensive study of conditions assisting sustainable forest development emphasizes need for more holistic approaches.

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