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Small-Scale Forestry: Most Recent Findings; Side Event at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Conference; Freiburg, Germany; 17 and 23 September 2017. 1st Announcement - 2nd Announcement - Registration form - Reminder    

Past IUFRO meetings

Fukuoka, Japan; 2013: Conference Participants (photo by Kimihiko Hyakumura)
Photo showing participants of the Fukuoka, Japan, 2013: Scientific study tour
Fukuoka, Japan, 2013: Scientific study tour. Photo by Rika Irimajiri.
Photo showing Participants during discussions at International Symposium in Kuusamo, 2011.
International Symposium in Kuusamo, 2011: Participants during discussions. Photo provided by conference organizers
Photo showing Participants of International Symposium in Kuusamo, 2011, during lunch break.
International Symposium in Kuusamo, 2011: Participants during lunch break. Photo provided by conference organizers.

  • IUFRO International Conference: Between Tradition and Increasing Challenges: Future Development of Small-scale and Community Forestry in Times of Global Change; Foz do Iguacu, Brazil; 26-29 September 2016. IUFRO Units involved: 3.08.00, 9.03.00, 9.05.06. Conference homepage - 1st Announcement and Call for Papers - 2nd Announcement      

  • International IUFRO Symposium "Small-scale and Community Forestry and the Changing Nature of Forest Landscapes"; Sunshine Coast, Australia; 11-15 October 2015. Conference homepage

  • International IUFRO Symposium "Adaptation in Forest Management Under Changing Framework Conditions"; Sopron, Hungary; 19-23 May 2014. Units involved: 3.08.00, 4.05.00. Conference homepage - 1st announcement

  • Future Directions of Small-Scale and Community-Based Forestry; Fukuoka, Japan; 8-12 September 2013. Units involved: 3.08.00, 6.08.00, 6.08.01. Conference homepage - Report

  • 2012 IUFRO Small-Scale Forestry Conference; Amherst, Massachussets, United States; 24-27 September 2012. Conference homepage

  • Small-Scale Forestry: Synergies and Conflicts in Social, Ecological and Economic Interactions; Freiburg, Germany; 24-28 July 2011. Conference homepage - Report

  • International Symposium: Recent advances in land owner extension; Kuusamo, Finland; 3-5 April 2011. Conference homepage - Report   

  • Small-Scale Forestry in a Changing World: Opportunities and Challenges and the Role of Extension and Technology Transfer; Bled, Slovenia; 6-12 June 2010. Units involved: 3.08.00, 6.06.01, 6.06.02. Conference homepage

  • Small-Scale forestry symposium "Forest Beyond the Trees: New possibilities and expectations for products and services from small-scale forestry"; Morgantown, West Virginia, United States; 7-11 June 2009

  • International Workshop "Figures for Forests", Accountancy Networks and Data Collection Technologies as Tools for Monitoring, Explaining and Supporting Economic Forest; Freiburg, Germany, 24-26 November 2008. First Announcement

  • Small-Scale Rural Forest Use and Management: Global Policies versus Local Knowledge, International Symposium; Gérardmer, France; 23-27 June 2008. Units involved: 3.08.00, 6.12.01. First Announcement