4.01.02 - Growth models for tree and stand simulation


Peter F. Newton, Canada


Javier Jiménez-Pérez, Mexico

Ivo Kupka, Czech Republic

Gilciano Saraiva Nogueira, Brazil

About Unit

Unit 4.01.02 is principally concerned with the theoretical, mathematical, statistical and computational aspects of growth and yield model development, specification, calibration, verification, simulation, computerization and application. Model forms include those developed for tropical, temperate and boreal forest types and cover the entire range of stand structural complexity: individual-tree distance-dependent and distance-independent models, stand-level diameter distribution models and average stand-level models. Incorporating the impact of anthropogenic influences, such as thinning, forest fertilization, tree improvement and climatic change, on tree and stand growth through model refinement and adaptation is an evolving issue within this unit. Facilitating global interaction, dissemination and exchange of innovative modelling approaches through workshops, conferences, and publications, is one of the primary goals of this Unit.

State of Knowledge

Hot Topics:

  • Measurement and modelling of complex stand-types;
  • Development of structural yield prediction models and associated product value estimation; and
  • Quantifying the impact of anthropogenic influences on growth and yield through model refinement and adaptation.