5.12.00 - Sustainable utilization of forest products


Robert Deal, United States


Ying Hei Chui, Canada

About Unit

The Division 5 Research Group on Sustainable Production of Forest Products was established in 1997. The objectives of this Research Group are to:

  1. promote research on the sustainable production of wood products
  2. encourage communication between IUFRO Division 5, other IUFRO Divisions and other organizations that are concerned with sustainable forestry.

The Research Group on Sustainable Production of Forest Products focuses on global issues regarding sustainably produced forest products. It provides a forum for researchers who study the production of wood and other forest products in a sustainable manner.
Among other things, the group members examine questions regarding green certification, life cycle analysis, wood products from sustainable managed forestry, and the economic contribution of wood products to sustainable forestry.

State of Knowledge

Under construction.