6.09.00 - Forest education



SILVA Network annual conference: Forest Science Education: Forests for university education: examples and experiences

Prague, Czech Republic; 26-28 June 2017

In academic forestry education, at both universities and universities of applied sciences, the importance to incorporate in the curricula in-forest teaching was recognized rather early. Hence, it has a long tradition and is a firm component in all forest science syllabi. From this tradition at many academic institutions the access to forests was seen as so important, that very often specific regulations for "university forests" were established. As a result there exists a very wide range, on how these teaching forests are legally linked to the university: direct ownership, long-lasting land-lease contracts or comparatively loose management regulations. In any case, the 2017 SILVA Network meeting wants to address all aspects of these forests with their special meaning for university teaching, education and sometimes also research.

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Mika Rekola, Finland

About Unit

Quality of education and further education play a key role for the quality of research as well as practical work in forestry. Therefore it is essential to deal with measures of raising the quality of education and with methods to evaluate the success of education and further education. This is a field for research as well as implementation. It will be covered by Research Group 6.15.00 within IUFRO Division VI, which was established after the IUFRO World Congress 1995 in Tampere, and is now Research Group 6.09.00.

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