7.03.01 - Cone and seed insects


Jean-Noel Candau, Canada


Thomas Boivin, France

Jianghua Sun, China

About Unit

This Working Party is concerned with all aspects of cone and seed insect research, including biology, ecology, impacts on forest natural regeneration and seed orchards management, monitoring and pest management.

The Working Party aims at stimulating communication and cooperation among scientists, students, forest managers, and policy makers. It promotes the organization of meetings and special sessions in conferences. Interested parties should contact the Coordinator. The Working Party maintains a distribution list,  subscription to this list can be done through the Coordinator.

State of Knowledge

Cone and seed insects are considered the most important seed predators during the pre-dispersal phase of seed development. Seed losses might result from damages caused by these insects to buds, flowers, cones or seeds themselves. Although they received little attention until recently, these insects are important factors in forest and tree health and their economic and ecological impact is a source of increasing concern to foresters. Damages have been particularly severe in seed orchards hindering genetic improvement programs and reforestation projects. As the need for improved seeds will likely increase to adapt to our changing world, the impact of these insects will continue to increase.