7.03.08 - Forest protection in Northeast Asia


Zhong-qi Yang, China


Naoto Kamata, Japan

Jong Kyu Lee, Korea (Rep)

About Unit

The Unit 7.03.08 Workshop is organized to exchange research progresses and information on all the fields of forest protection, i.e. forest entomology, forest pathology, forest pests control, alien invasive species management, forest fire control, forest pest quarantine, and other forest pest management in Northeast Asia.

Specific Objectives

  • To develop/strengthen strategies for minimizing introduction of forest invasive species of among different countries or areas in Northeast Asia.

  • To encourage informal exchanges of scientists and workshops covering forest pest and forest fire control.

  • To develop biological control in forest pest control.

  • To share information on the biology, life history, natural enemies for potential invasive species of forests threatening countries of Northeast Asia.

  • To provide and strengthen supports on the international cooperative research projects.

State of Knowledge

Utilizations of natural control factors for effectively suppressing pest populations to low density will be emphasized under the principles of integrated pest management. Specific approaches for forest pest sustainable control are included.