The Global Network of Forest Science Cooperation
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 Here are some tips to ensure fruitful communication and cooperation:

  • Remember that any mail you send to the list address will be sent to anybody who has subscribed to the list -- so please don't send private messages via the listserver.

  • Subscribe with your real name.

  • Make sure your subject line is accurate -- this makes it easier for everybody to follow.

  • If you reply to the digest please always change the subject line -- it takes only a couple of seconds to change and is much more descriptive than "RE: Digest Volume X, Issue X".

  • Avoid full quotes -- if you answer to a posting please do not include the full text in your reply. Cite or summarize relevant sections and delete the rest.

  • Post messages only once -- be patient while waiting for an answer. If you are not sure whether your question has been sent to the list check the archive before you re-post.

  • Keep your messages short and have your target readers in mind when writing.

  • Spelling and grammar do matter and make it easier for others to follow you.

  • Keep in mind that humor and sarcasm is sometimes hard to grasp online and topics do wander occasionally. Be, thus, careful about what you say and have patience with others.

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