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IUFRO Mailinglists


Please find below an overview of the Mailing Lists hosted on

They are all free to use for IUFRO members but you will need to subscribe to post questions or replies.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription click on the list name below.

If you need help in getting started kindly refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

List Name

Mailing List for:


Interdivisional List

IT group

Communication on the broader use of IT (only open to members of the process group;
login required)

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Divisional Lists

Division 1

Discussion within Div. 1 – Silviculture

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Division 2

Discussion within Div. 2 – Physiology and Genetics

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Division 3

Discussion within Div. 3 – Forest Operations Engineering and Management

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Division 4

Communication within Div. 4 – Forest Assessment, Modelling and Management

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Division 5

Discussion within Div. 5 – Forest Products

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Division 6

Discussion within Div. 6 – Social, Economic, Information, and Policy Sciences

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Division 7

Discussion within Div. 7 – Forest Health

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Division 8

Communication within Div. 8 – Forest Environment

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Division 9

Communication within Div. 9 – Forest Policy and Economics

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RG Lists

RG 1.01.00

Discussion within RG 1.01.00 – Temperate and boreal silviculture

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RG 1.02.00

Discussion within RG 1.02.00 – Tropical and subtropical silviculture

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RG 1.05.00

Discussion within RG 1.05.00 – Unevenaged silviculture

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RG 2.04.00

Discussion within RG 2.04.00 – Genetics

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RG 4.02.00

Discussion within RG 4.02.00 – Forest resources inventory and monitoring

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RG 5.01.00

Discussion within RG 5.01.00 – Wood quality

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RG 7.01 Forclimair

Discussion within RG 7.01 Forclimair – Impacts of air pollution and climate change on forest ecosystems

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RG 7.02 Forpath

Discussion among scientists working in the field of RG 7.02.00 – Forest Pathology

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RG 7.03 Forent

Discussion among scientists working in the field of RG 7.03.00 – Forest Entomology

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RG 8.02.00

Discussion within RG 8.02.00 – Forest biodiversity

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RG 9.01.00

Discussion within RG 9.01.00 – Information services and knowledge organization

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WP Lists

WP 1.01.07

Discussion within WP 1.01.07 – Ecology and Silviculture of Beech

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WP 1.02.04

Discussion within WP 1.02.04 – Sustainable management and genetic resources in Meliaceae

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WP 2.04.01

Discussion within WP 2.04.01 – Population, ecological and conservation genetics

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WP 2.08.07

Discussion within WP 2.08.07 – Genetics and Silviculture of Acacias

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WP 4.04.03

Discussion within WP 4.04.03 – SilvaPlan: Forest management planning terminology

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WP 7.01.08

Discussion within WP 7.01.08 – Impacts of air pollution and climate change on forest ecosystems – Hydroecology

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WP 8.02.02 Deadwood

Discussion within WP 8.02.02 – Forest biodiversity and resilience

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WP 9.05.07

Discussion within WP 9.05.07 – Science policy interactions

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Task Force Lists

TF International Forest Governance

Communication within the Task Force on International Forest Governance

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Special Programmes and others

IUFRO Terminology

Communication on Terminology

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IUFRO Enlarged Board

IUFRO Enlarged Board

Communication between Division Coordinators, Deputy Division Coordinators, Task Force Coordinators and IUFRO HQ. By invitation only.

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Coordinators of Research Groups and Working Parties interested in this new feature are welcome to contact us at office(at) (preferred subject line: "Interest in Mailing list").

We will be happy to discuss the option of a mailing list for your Unit with you.

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