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  1. 13th International IUFRO Wood Drying Conference on Wood Drying in Developing Countries
  2. 125 Years of IUFRO
  3. All-Division 5 Conference - Forest Sector Innovations for a Greener Future
  4. 23rd International Wood Machining Seminar (IWMS-23)
  5. Joint Regional Meeting of IUFRO RG3.03.00 and RG3.06.00 in Asia: Productivity and Safety of Final Cutting on Mountain Forests
  6. EuroCoppice Conference: Coppice Forests in Europe: a traditional natural resource with great potential
  7. 13th International Christmas Tree Research and Extension Conference
  8. Seed Orchards - The Key to Sustainable Bio-Economy
  9. 11th International "Conference Wood Science and Engineering in the Third Millennium" - ICWSE 2017
  10. 2017 Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR)
  11. 20th International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposium
  12. Mini-Symposium "Wood and other lignocellulosic biomass for materials and energy" at International Conference on Materials & Energy (ICOME'17)
  13. 5th 2.09.02 Working Party Conference
  14. ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week: ASEAN Bioenergy and Bioeconomy Conference 2017 – Sustainable management and partnership
  15. Workshop "Guidelines for sustainable forest biomass production – Challenges in view of an emerging bioeconomy"
  16. "FORSD" Forest Science for Sustainable Development of Forests 25 Years of Forestry of the Republic of Srpska
  17. 6th International Forest Engineering Conference: Quenching our thirst for new knowledge
  18. Managing eucalypt plantations under global changes


  1. 5.07.04 - Small conventional power systems