Capacity Building


The latest update on teak resources and markets was carried out with the support of IUFRO's network of scientists and TEAKNET experts. It shows that since the last FAO study in 2010, the area of natural and planted teak forests...[more]


New RFFL Guide provides guidance on establishing and maintaining RFFL Field Plots, collecting data, and sharing results. This Guide is intended primarily for anyone directly involved in proposing and establishing an RFFL...[more]


IUFRO-SPDC invites interested forest scientists from economically disadvantaged regions primarily of Africa, as funding allows also of other continents, to apply for support to participate in the 5th International Congress on...[more]


Call for applications from forest scientists from economically disadvantaged regions primarily of Latin America and the Caribbean, as funding allows also of Africa and Asia. Application deadline: 4th of August 2023. Application...[more]


DEHRADUN, India, March 2023. After a virtual workshop last year, educators from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand met to continue the discussion about current natural resources management education in view...[more]


In 2023, IUFRO will offer grants of up to EUR 5 000 for Short Scientific Visits specifically for early-career scientists affiliated with IUFRO member organisations in lower-middle and low income countries. These visits will...[more]


This meeting, taking place in Dehradun, India, 31 March - 1 April 2023, is intended to continue the discussion with educators from Bay of Bengal region of current natural resources management education in view of the increasing...[more]


New report seeks to clarify how seven common terms and concepts are used in the scientific literature, namely Nature-Based Solution, Ecosystem Based Adaptation, Integrated Landscape Management, Forest Restoration, Forest...[more]


The winners of the essay competition related to the webinars on EU Forest Policy that specifically targeted students and young researchers from Ukraine have now been invited to join the All-IUFRO conference in Vienna! More…[more]


IUFRO-SPDC invites interested forest scientists from economically disadvantaged regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America to apply for support to participate in the 4th World Teak Conference 2022, “Global Teak Market: Challenges...[more]


A SAP has been launched by IUFRO-SPDC for all-IUFRO Conference to be held in Vienna, Austria, from 21-23 September 2022.[more]


IUFRO is pleased to announce that an in-person IUFRO event with hybrid participation will be held in Vienna, Austria, on 21-23 September 2022.[more]


Learn about this initiative of the Private Institute for Research on Climate Change (ICC), the National Forests Institute (INAB) and IUFRO and get to know the South Coast Restoration Network.[more]


In 2022, IUFRO will offer three grants of up to EUR 5 000 for Short Scientific Visits specifically for female early-career scientists affiliated with IUFRO member organisations.[more]


IUFRO-SPDC invites interested forest scientists from economically disadvantaged regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe to apply for support to participate in the IUFRO Conference Forests in a Volatile World:...[more]


SPDC is expanding its collaboration with IUFRO member institutions in Central Asia in support of strengthening the science-practice linkage through the “Resilient Future Forests Lab” Project in the Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan....[more]


Editions in Sinhala and Tamil of our publication "Implementing Forest Landscape Restoration - A Practitioner's Guide" have just appeared - download them at:![more]


This report highlights important differences in political, legal, and institutional environments, and the need to recognise opportunities and limitations in the local context when restoring land.[more]


ITTO and the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) have released a free series of learning modules for high-school and university students to guide further understanding on forest landscape restoration...[more]


Thank you for participating in our Session  "Capacities for Forest Science: Shape Your Professional Future"!      28 Sept. 2021 UTC Time 13:30 and 21:30; and 29 Sept. 2021 UTC Time 08:30 Have a...[more]


From 31 May 2021 to 25 June, 2021 an online course was held in Spanish on the practice of forest landscape restoration. This course is based on IUFRO-SPDC's Spanish edition of the FLR Practitioner's Guide. More ...[more]


IUFRO Occasional Paper 33 now in French - 'Mise en œuvre de la restauration des paysages forestiers: Leçons apprises de paysages sélectionnés en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique latine' est maintenant disponible en français![more]


The English volume of the Occasional Paper No 33 "Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation: Lessons learned from selected landscapes in Africa, Asia and Latin America has been translated into French. The French edition is...[more]


in the  online training workshop on systematic evidence evaluation addressing the broad theme of “Forest Landscape Restoration”,  22-26 March, 2021 The call is directed at early and mid-career scientists from...[more]


The Forest Landscape Restoration Practitioner's Guide is now available in French![more]


From 12 - 16 October, 2020 the online training workshop - Systematic Evidence Evaluation on Forest Landscape Restoration - is being held by IUFRO-SPDC in collaboration with the University of Oxford, UK.  Expressions of...[more]


A resource for FLR facilitators, decision makers, and practitioners that shares lessons to enhance understanding of ecological, social and economic dimensions of FLR.[more]


"Implementando la restauración del paisaje forestal - una guía para practicantes" was launched at the XXV IUFRO World Congress in Curitiba, Brazil, Oct. 2019. [more]


on Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation "Progress on the Ground". Venue: EXPO UNIMED, Curitiba, Brazil Date/Time: 1 October 2019, 17:30 – 20:30 Organised by: IUFRO Special Programme for Development of Capacities (SPDC)...[more]


IUFRO-SPDC is organising four training workshops on scientific methods and science-society interactions prior to the XXV IUFRO World Congress in Curitiba, Brazil. Read more.....[more]


in Curitiba, Brazil, 29 Sept. - 5 Oct. 2019: Application process for SAP has already been closed! Deadline was: 30 April 2019, 23:59 Hawaiian time[more]


The workshop titled "Best Practices for Implementing Forest Landscape Restoration in South Asia" took place in Chilaw, Sri Lanka, from 15 through 17 August, 2018. [more]


The IUFRO-EFI Young Scientists Initiative (YSI) is the latest collaboration between IUFRO and the European Forest Institute (EFI) and will offer a limited number of grants for short scientific visits in 2019.[more]


Within the framework of the project “Climate Change Adaptation Potentials of Forests in Bhutan – BC-Cap” two training workshops were held in Bhutan on how to work effectively in this area. [more]


The IUFRO-EFI Young Scientists Initiative (YSI) is the latest collaboration between IUFRO and the European Forest Institute (EFI) and offered 5 grants for short scientific visits starting from 2018.[more]


IUFRO-SPDC, together with the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the US Forest Service, held a Knowledge-sharing Workshop and Ministerial-level Meeting in support...[more]


Expressions of interest are invited for a 3-day training workshop on systematic review in forest science, to be held as pre-conference event in connection with the 7th Forest Science Symposium “Research Underpinning the...[more]


Available for download: Case studies from around the world provide an insight into experiences and success of FLR projects.   In each case, emphasis in the descriptions is placed on the contribution of restoring...[more]


IUFRO’s thematic networking strengthens collaboration among scientists and forest experts across countries and continents[more]


APFNet Session at Asia-Oceania Congress with representatives from international organizations and governmental forestry research institutes.[more]


A IUFRO-SPDC 3-day training workshop prior to #IUFROAO2016 in Bejing introduced participants to systematic review in forest science.[more]


The First Belum Rain Forest Summit showcases conservation efforts for the Belum Temengor Rain Forest.[more]


IUFRO-SPDC Workshops in Rwanda and El Salvador have provided opportunities for knowledge-sharing on Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation. [more]


Workshop on Systematic Review in Forest Science - Learning from Traditional Forest Knowledge within the framework of the IUFRO Regional Congress for Asia and Oceania in Beijing, China, 21-27 October, 2016, and is providing...[more]


This Occasional Paper presents the results of the EcoAdapt Project, a joint undertaking by four research and five civil society organizations from Europe and Latin America.[more]


IUFRO-SPDC's Training Workshop in Selangor, Malaysia, has brought together 25 participants from 6 Asian countries. [more]


The World Series Vol. 34 - Forest Landscape Restoration as a Key Component of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation was officially presented on 6 December 2015 at the Thematic Pavilion on Nature and Climate Change of the...[more]


SPDC has coordinated feasibility studies of peer review processes for a validation and follow up of forest landscape restoration pledges. [more]


3-day IUFRO-SPDC Training Workshop on Systematic Review in Forest Science. [more]


3-day IUFRO-SPDC Training Workshop on science-policy interactions for forest and landscape restoration looked into a whole range subjects. [more]


IUFRO-SPDC Pre-Congress Training Workshops in connection with the XXIV IUFRO World Congress 2014; 29 September-3 October 2014 in Snowbird, Utah, USA; Venue: Snowbird Resort[more]


During the last 2 years, ITTO and IUFRO have conducted a project on REDDES (Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation and Enhancing Environmental Services from Forests).[more]


IUFRO-SPDC's 30th ANNIVERSARY IUFRO-SPDC has been operational for 30 years now! [more]


IUFRO-SPDC has a new name and is now called "Special Programme for Development of Capacities".[more]