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Introducing the Global Teak Resource and Market Assessment 2022

The latest update on teak resources and markets was carried out with the support of IUFRO's network of scientists and TEAKNET experts. It shows that since the last FAO study in 2010, the area of natural and planted teak forests and the harvest of teak logs have increased and teak's share of the global timber market is growing.

Explore the realm of one of the most esteemed hardwoods through our comprehensive publication. This pioneering assessment delves deeply into the dynamics of the global teak resources and market, offering invaluable insights for investors, stakeholders, and enthusiasts alike. Discover the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping the teak industry worldwide. From sustainable forestry practices to market projections and beyond, this expert analysis offers a holistic view of this remarkable resource. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or simply curious about the journey of teak from forest to market, this publication is your essential guide. 

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