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Obituary: Walter Liese (1926-2023)

The IUFRO community is deeply grieved by the passing of Walter Liese, IUFRO Honorary Member and former IUFRO President.

Read the eulogy for Walter Liese by former IUFRO President Salleh Mohd. Nor
Read 'In Memoriam of Professor Dr. Dr. hc. Mult. Walter Liese - A personal view on his Life and Person' by Dr. Wulf Killmann
Read 'In memoriam of my colleague and friend Walter Liese' by Dr. Victor Teplyakov

Walter Liese was a Full Professor of Wood Biology at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and Director of the Institute for Wood Biology and Protection at the Federal Research Center for Forestry and Forest Products (BFH) from 1963 until his retirement in 1991. He was the author and co-author of about 500 scientific papers and 10 books on topics ranging from wood anatomy and wood quality to wood preservation, bamboo and rattan. After his retirement he increased his work on bamboo and rattan growing and utilization.

Professor Liese has had one of the longest histories of service to IUFRO, organizing and attending numerous IUFRO events. He promoted the international expansion of IUFRO as well as its representation in a number of governing bodies. At the 16th IUFRO Congress in Oslo, Norway (1976), he was elected IUFRO President for 1977-1981, and put a lot effort into organizing the first IUFRO Congress in Asia (Kyoto, Japan, 1981). Read about his remarkable career and many achievements on page 44 of HONORARY MEMBERS OF IUFRO: 1953 – 2019:

IUFRO President John Parrotta wrote, "He was indeed a true friend of IUFRO over many decades, and a wonderful role model to so many. He will be missed, but his memory, and the 'IUFRO Spirit' which he exemplified, will continue to inspire us all. May he rest in peace." On behalf of the entire IUFRO community we express our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

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