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IUFRO Spotlight #36 - Responses to climate change? All knowledge counts!

The EcoAdapt project aims to develop ecosystem-based strategies for adaptation to climate change in three Latin American Model Forests – in Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

EcoAdapt is a joint undertaking by four research and five civil society organizations from Europe and Latin America aiming to enhance local communities' engagement in innovative solutions to climate change adaptation.

The underlying principle in the EcoAdapt project is that all knowledge is valuable, and both researchers and local actors benefit from adopting a knowledge culture based on joint learning.

A paper entitled "Creating and sharing new knowledge through joint learning on water governance and climate change adaptation in three Latin American Model Forests: The EcoAdapt Case" was published as IUFRO Occasional Paper 30 and provides insights into possible approaches for action-research projects that can promote learning among involved stakeholders.

Kees Prins, Alejandra Cáu Cattán, Nataly Azcarrúnz, Alejandra Real, Lorena Villagron, Grégoire Leclerc, Raffaele Vignola, Mariela Morales, Bastiaan Louman

IUFRO Headquarters, Vienna
December 2015

ISBN 978-3-902762-51-1
ISSN 1024-414X

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