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1.01.13 - Ecology and silviculture of chestnut


Call for Submissions: Ecology and Management of Castanea

Now accepting submission for a Special Issue, Ecology and Management of Castanea, in Forest Ecology and Management. This special issue represents the first major activity of this new working party. This special issue will have a global perspective, and the papers need to encompass research related to ecology, silviculture, or management of a chestnut species.

Potential topics and related themes are described below:

  • Applied forest management research related to timber production, non-timber forest products, growth and yield, and wood properties.
  • Ecological research on stand dynamics, management effects on ecological function and processes, or ecological relationships or impacts of associated species on chestnut management.
  • Chestnut as a component in agroforestry, mixed species plantation, or coppice forest systems.
  • Pests or pathogens in chestnut systems or pest resistance in managed forests, reintroduction plantings, or mixed species plantings.
  • Restoration of extirpated chestnut species or performance of chestnut in reintroduction test plantings.
  • Effects of genetic selections or breeding on performance of chestnut in forest plantings.
  • Social science research related to chestnut restoration, management, or reintroduction.
  • Climate change mitigation to maintain or restore chestnut.

Topics that focus solely on nut production as part of seed orchard management and topics focused solely on genetics or breeding without an ecological or silvicultural component are not pertinent to this special issue. We hope that the special issue will include all four major chestnut species (C. crenata, C. dentata, C. mollissima, and C. sativa), but papers on minor species (e.g., C. henryi, C. pumila, and C. seguinii) are also encouraged. The papers can include original research, but synthesis papers that summarize state of the knowledge and propose key insights are also encouraged.

To submit, please visit the weblink below and select "Management of Castanea" as the article type. Submitted manuscripts will be peer-reviewed according to the guidelines, available on the website, of the journal. Please note that articles will be published separately, in different volumes, after they are accepted, and will be grouped together online as a Special Issue.

Submit your manuscript by June 30, 2022.