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Expertise offered by Unit

Research interests of Unit officeholders

Antonio Carlos Ferraz Filho

  • forest biometrics
  • forest inventory
  • forest management

Liu Jun

  • conservation genetics of Chinese Meliaceae
  • genetic resources and breeding of Chinese Meliaceae
  • silviculture
  • subtropical forest plantations
  • forest ecology

Bandara Ariyaratna Kangane Mudiyanselage

  • genetics
  • tree improvement
  • breeding
  • mahogany
  • teak

Sandra Owusu

  • conservation and population genetics

Sheila Ward

  • Meliaceae genetics
  • tropical forest ecology

Expertise offered by Unit

We want to create a list of expertise with the Meliaceae. If you would like to be listed, would you please send the following information to mahoganyforthefuture(at)

a – your title, and first and last names
b – your email address
b – your institution, including your country (independent consultant or researcher is also fine)
d – description of your expertise in 5-20 words (PLEASE NO MORE THAN 20 or we will need to edit it down! And time is limited to do this sort of thing!)

Name / Email contact



Dr. Adejoke Akinyele

Department of Forest Production and Products, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Tree improvement, tree domestication, forest genetics, silviculture

Dr. Nils Bourland

Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren (BE) Belgium

Africa, mahogany, rainforest, sustainable management, autecology, conservation, CITES non detriment findings, logging

Dr D Garth Nikles

Retired Volunteer, Horticulture and Forestry Science, Department Agriculture and Fisheries, Brisbane Queensland, Australia

Experience with and knowledge about practical conservation and tree improvement with an African mahogany Khaya senegalensis.  Some knowledge of other Khaya spp, Toona ciliata, Chukrasia spp

Dr. Andressa Ribeiro

Federal University of Piauí, Bom Jesus, Brazil

forest management, biometrics and economy of different Meliaceaespecies (e.g. Khaya spp, Toona ciliata) grown in plantations in Brazil

Dr. Laura K. Snook

Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Italy / UK

Regeneration ecology, growth and silviculture of mahogany (S. macrophylla); forest management; community forestry; sustainability