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Publications and references

  • 5th 2.09.02 Working Party Conference - Clonal Trees in the Bioeconomy Age: Opportunities and Challenges; Coimbra, Portugal; 10-15 September 2018. Book of Abstracts - Photo album - Proceedings   
  • Development and application of vegetative propagation technologies in plantation forestry to cope with a changing climate and environment; La Plata/Buenos Aires, Argentina; 19-23 September 2016. Book of Abstracts - Proceedings
  • Vegetative Propagation of Forest Trees; Online Edition. Edited by Yill-Sung Park, Jan M. Bonga and Heung-Kyu Moon. National Institute of Forest Science, South Korea. 2016. 668 pages. PDF for download

    The book describes many different aspects of modern, vegetative propagation techniques of forest trees and is divided into two parts. Chapters in the first part deal with the current trends and status of research from a theoretical point of view. New technologies that are expected to have a major impact in future tree improvement programs, such as genomic selection and application of molecular analysis, are discussed in detail in this part. The second part is focused on a number of species of hardwoods and conifers and describes practical application of the various vegetative technologies including their use in industrial production.
  • Woody Plant Production Integrating Genetic and Vegetative Propagation Technologies; Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain; 9-12 September 2014. Book of Abstracts - Proceedings
  • Second International Conference of 2.09.02 - Somatic embryogenesis and other vegetative propagation technologies: Integrating vegetative propagation, biotechnologies and genetic improvement for tree production and sustainable forest management; Brno, Czech Republic; 25-28 June 2012. Proceedings
  • Advances in somatic embryogenesis of trees and its application for the future forests and plantations; Suwon, Republic of Korea; 19-21 August 2010. Proceedings