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4.03.02 - Machine learning and computational ecology


10th International Symposium on Forest and Sustainable Development

Brasov, Romania; 14-15 October 2022

Carpathian forests provide important economic, environmental, and social services. Covering a large swath of land, it is natural that the issues and challenges faced by European forestry are also present in Romania. The aim of the symposium is to foster the exchange of ideas among scientists from different disciplines who are actively involved in solving some of the issues faced by the current forestry. A special focus will be placed in modeling, with emphasis on the relationships between remote sensing, image analysis, and estimation. The symposium has the following five main themes: forest ecosystem management, forest engineering, wildlife management, remote sensing and geomatics, and forest modeling.

Important deadlines:
Abstract Submission: 15 July 2022
Registration: 30 Sep 2022

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2020 Western Mensurationists Conference: Forestry at the Crossroads: Advancements in Natural and Artificial Intelligence

Online; 15-16 June 2020

The advancements in computer sciences and material sciences that occurred in the last two decades changed the way how forest measurements and forest modeling is perceived and approached. To this end, not only methods that are computational intensive are now dominating the modeling world, but also the measurements world, as wall-to wall information is available. Therefore, the overarching aim of the 2020 Western Mensurationists conference gravitates around forestry measurements, modeling, inventory, growth and yield and planning, with emphasis on artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, advances in methods and procedures that are rooted in traditional forest measurements and modeling, now falling under the natural intelligence umbrella, are still a significant part of forestry. Therefore, presentations showcasing biometrics, understood in a very broad sense, in the era of big data and remote sensing are encouraged. The abstract submission deadline is Friday, 1 May 2020!

Special issue of Forest Science

Forest Science agreed to dedicate a special issue to the event theme: Forestry Advancements in the Natural and Artificial Intelligence Era. You do not need to be a presenter at the conference to submit a manuscript for the special issue. For those wishing to present, please indicate in your abstract submission if you wish to submit a manuscript to a special issue in Forest Science. Manuscripts will be due by August 31st, 2020 on the journal website: