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Current actvities

  • LANDING TOGETHER: 6.08.00 Deputy Coordinator Purabi Bose is directing/producing a docu film series on indigenous peoples and mining, palmoil, women's land tenure & community forests.   

  • A joint R&D project on "Networking as a method for progress on gender equality", was initiated in order to analyse  and compare the experiences (pros and cons) gained by different women's organizations/network in different contexts (countries).  A further objective is to develop a method for comparative studies of women's self – organizing, to be used for a broader analysis/evaluation involving more countries).  Based on the results (to be presented end of 2012), some recommendations may be expressed and addressed to the forestry sector in Europe and North America on how to best (practice) organize: what strategies and tactics seems to be most successful. During 2011 data from focus group discussions with networks in Norway, Sweden and Germany was carried out. Organized by RG 6.08, WP 6.08.01 and 6.08.02.        

Women as Agents of Change

Report by Gun Lidestav, Coordinator of IUFRO Research Group 6.08.00 Gender and forestry, 

On the occasion of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly in September 2018, the Governments of Finland, Tanzania and Costa Rica, jointly with UN Women, GCF and UNCCD, co-hosted a High-Level Side Event on 'Adapting to Climate Change – Empowering women through sustainable management of natural resources' at the Delegates' Dining Room in UNHQ,  Thursday 27 September.

A panel of high-level speakers from governments, international organizations, civil society, academia reviewed the critical links between climate change adaptation and mitigation, sustainable use of natural resources, and women's economic empowerment by sharing experiences, recent research, good practices and opportunities for action.

The IUFRO representative, 6.08.00 Coordinator Gun Lidestav, took the opportunity to emphasize that in order to unleash the full potential of forestry in the combat of climate change, we have to reconsider what kind of work, engagement and competence that is important in the management and development of the forest resources,  thereby recognizing women as agents of change.  Here academia, including IUFRO, has a key role in provide knowledge regarding possible alternatives to unsustainable actions.  This means that not only research on the use of forest and other natural resources has to be "gender mainstreamed", but also our teaching of new generations of forest and natural resource managers.

Past IUFRO activities

  • Parallel Session 7: Gender perspective; Session during IUFRO 3.08.00 Small-scale Forestry Conference 2018 "Transformations Towards a New Era in Small Scale Forestry"; Vaasa, Finland; 11-13 June 2018. Presentations 
  • Workshop "For Opening Forestry Doors by Female Power"; Itoshima City, Fukuoka, Japan; 6 December 2015. Conference homepage  
  • Art of communication and building capacity for forest tenure, governance and society diversity - Side Event at the XIV World Forestry Congress; Durban, South Africa, 9 September 2015. Announcement
  • Competence for the future: Challenging gendered notions of learning about forest and forestry; Rogów, Poland; 27–30 August 2015. IUFRO Units involved: 6.08.00, 6.08.02. Conference homepage - Call for papers   
  • International Forum Linking Gender, Adaptation, Climate Change and Rural Land Use in Canada; Saskatoon, SK, Canada; 27-29 May 2014. Announcement - Program - Report
  • Future Directions of Small-Scale and Community-Based Forestry; Fukuoka, Japan; 8-12 September 2013. Units involved: 3.08.00, 6.08.00, 6.08.01. Conference homepage - Report - Report website (presentations, proceedings, photos) 
  • IUFRO 6.08 – Gender and Forestry Conference: Environmental governance and four decades of gender research: Where do we stand?; Wondo Genet Forestry College, Ethiopia; 27-29 November 2012. IUFRO Units involved: 6.08.00, 6.08.01. Conference homepage - Report
  • Competence development for forestry; Freiburg, Germany; 26 September - 1 October 2011. Units involved: 6.08.00, 6.09.00 9.01.03. Conference homepage - 1st announcement
  • BOKU Spring school: Developing gender competence in higher education programmes on natural resources management; Vienna, Austria; 27 April - 7 May 2011. Units involved: 6.08.00, 6.08.01, 6.08.02. Homepage