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7.03.12 - Alien invasive species and international trade


Biological invasions in forests: trade, ecology and management1-29

Prague, Czech Republic; 20-24 September 2021
Units involved: 7.03.07, 7.03.12, 8.02.04

Topics covered by the conference:

  • Invasions of non-native insects, tree pathogens, plants and other organisms in forest ecosystems
  • The role of trade and travel as pathways for invasions
  • Ecology and impact of non-native species in forests
  • Management of invasions / Biosecurity


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Registration + Abstract submission now open: International Conference on Sentinel Plantings

Sursee, Switzerland; 9-12 October 2018.

Alien pests and pathogens of woody plants can have significant impact on biodiversity, the economy and ecosystem services. The number of such harmful organisms increases worldwide as a result of intercontinental movement of people and goods, and national plant protection organisations strive to prevent further introductions. One difficulty they face is the poor knowledge about new pests and pathogens.  Sentinel plantings are a relatively new tool for the detection, identification and risk assessment of potentially harmful species in the exporting country, allowing better prevention and management in the importing country. Recent research has indicated the value of sentinel plants and made suggestions for the design of sentinel plantings, identification of pests and pathogens, and the use of collected data. This conference will offer presentations about these developments, which will be of interest to researchers in the field of forest protection and plant protection organisations.

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