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9.01.02 - Communication and public relations


Communicating Forest Science

Editors: Cynthia L. Miner, Yasmeen Sands, Hugo Pierre
IUFRO Communications & Public Relations Working Party and the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Special Programme for Development of Capacities (IUFRO-SPDC).
Vienna, Austria. 2014, 185 p.

Download the electronic version of the Manual (in pdf format).


IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress; Freiburg, Germany

- "Connecting People to Forest Science: Innovative Communication Approaches for Delivering Science"; 20 September 2017; Session flyer.
- "Communicating with Einstein - About Forest Facts, Feelings and Fake News"; 20 September 2017; Sub-plenary session organized by the UNECE-FAO Forest Communicator’s Network and IUFRO


JOINT FOREST COMMUNICATORS MEETING - Request for Presentation Proposals

Presentations proposals are invited for the JOINT FOREST COMMUNICATORS MEETING, organized by the IUFRO Communications & Public Relations Working Party & the UN FAO-ECE Forest Communicators Network. Proposals should be submitted by 4 April 2016. For details and a submission form, please see