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Activities and events

Upcoming IUFRO meetings

  • Accounting for risks and uncertainties in forest-based businesses, sectoral projections, and policy design. Session at the 26th IUFRO World Congress; Stockholm, Sweden; 23-29 June 2024.   
  • Forest-based sector in sustainability transformation: opportunities and sectoral impacts. Session at the 26th IUFRO World Congress; Stockholm, Sweden; 23-29 June 2024.  

Past IUFRO meetings

  • Leakage impacts of the EU's biodiversity and climate policies - Panel Session at the International Forest Policy Meeting 5;  Helsinki, Finland; 12 April 2024. Conference homepage -  Report  
  • Webinar: The Economics of US Forests as a Natural Climate Solution. online; 29 April 2021, 12:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S. and Canada). Webinar RegistrationReport   
  • Traditional, emerging and new forest products in a bioeconomy – advances and applications in modelling the market potentials and sectoral impacts. Session at the IUFRO2019 Congress; Curitiba, Brazil; 18-29 September – 5 October 2019.
  • Wood based fuels for transports - conditions for their market entry and impacts on the wood-using sector and climate change mitigation; Session at the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress; Freiburg, Germany; 18-22 September 2017.   
  • 16th Symposium for Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR); Uppsala, Sweden; 19-21 August 2015. IUFRO Units involved: 3.04.00, 4.00.00, 4.04.04, 9.02.00. Conference homepage - Report 
  • Forest sector modelling - new approaches and findings for improved resource decisions in a globalized world; Lillehammer, Norway; 15-18 October 2013. Conference announcement
  • Forest Sector Modeling: State-of-the-Art and Future Challenges in an Expanding Global Marketplace; University of Washington, United States; 17-20 November 2008. First Announcement and Call for Papers