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Number 8

Sponsored by ODA Japan
Revised and Approved by the TermNeT Editorial Board
Editor: Renate Prüller
Published: 1997; ISSN 1024-414X

Copyright by IUFRO

IUFRO Occasional Paper 8

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Scientific technical communication is continously producing new technical terms and new expressions, and consequently, is vivid and constitutes a continuing creative process. In recent years, a considerable number of excellent publications have been and are being published in the field of forestry and related subjects which take into account many new emerging concepts and provide clear and comprehensive definitions.

Documentation, i.e., the collection and dissemination of information, has been one of the central activities in the field of terminology and is considered to be a basis for subsequent work on terms and definitions.

The purpose of IUFRO’s SilvaVoc project is to produce a bibliography designed to provide an overview of and knowledge about the existing dictionaries, glossaries and other papers and publications in the field of forestry. In effect, the bibliography is an inventory of the resources in the field.

This Bibliography was compiled during the last three to four years, starting approximately in 1995. In total, it gives references to more than 370 publications covering a wide range of text types: there are thesauri, monolingual, multilingual dictionaries as well as terminologies and papers discussing terminological issues or classification problems. For all of these items, forestry is the common denominator. IUFRO is proud that a great number of the referenced publications can be consulted at its Vienna office. To this web-version of the bibliography we continuously add links to on-line glossaries and relevant documents in the WWW.

More than 40 languages are represented, the most frequent citations being, of course, in English or in combination with English; French, Spanish and German.

It is difficult to restrict this compilation to a period of time. Therefore, emphasis was placed on the topicality of the publications, but interesting ‘outdated’ publications are referenced nevertheless, when they are considered to be of particular or special interest from the linguistic (rare language combination, tribal languages) or the thematic (subject area) aspect.

Sources that have been consulted for the compilation of this Bibliography are the CAB International series of Forestry Abstracts, the FAO Terminology Reference Library, the Society of American Foresters in Washington D.C., IUFRO-Japan, the ICRAF Library in Nairobi, the Information Network for Latin America and the Caribbean and a number of forestry libraries in the world. The FAO publication ‘Dictionaries and Vocabularies in the Field of Forestry 1945-1972’, GIP:Bib/4, 1972 provided the basis for this Bibliography. Invaluable information on glossaries and publications and especially on the many examples of grey literature which are included, have been received by the IUFRO structure and network of forestry scientists.

Of course this web version of the Bibliography by no means claims to be complete. Therefore we would like to invite the reader to continue to provide IUFRO and SilvaVoc with information on relevant publications (printed or on-line) in the field of forest terminology.


Renate Prüller
Coordinator of the SilvaVoc Project