Call for Submissions: Genetic Control of Forest Tree Traits and Their Interaction with Environment

Submissions are invited for a Special issue of 'Forests'. Sustainable forestry is a cornerstone in the transition to the post-carbon economy, where forests play a key role as a source of sustainable biomass. The growing demand for biomass is being challenges by the negative impact of climate change on forest productivity caused by multiple biotic and abiotic stress. This urges a better understanding of the genetic control of forest tree traits associated to production, and to develop models for accelerated assisted adaptation of our forests to guarantee a healthy and productive feedstock. Interested authors should submit research works in the field of forest genetics that advance our understanding on the genetic control of forest tree traits of economic and ecological value, and their interaction with a changing environment. Research works are encouraged that provide novel models for the implementation of genomics and remote sensing tools to accelerate and assist forest genetic adaptation to secure production and biodiversity.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 25 August 2021
Contact: Dr. Rosario Garcia Gil (M.Rosario.Garcia(at)

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