New study assesses future Europe-China forest bioeconomy development

The EU and China are two of the three biggest economies and trading blocs in the world, and their economic and trade relations are increasingly interlinked. China's role as an export destination for forest products made in the EU, as a potential source or destination of capital for developing the forest-based sector, and as Europe's key partner in climate change mitigation has increased in importance, especially in the last decade. A new study from the European Forest Institute provides the first systematic assessment of the potential challenges, possibilities for the future and policy implications for Europe-China forest-based bioeconomy development.

Kallio, M., Chen, X., Jonsson, R., Kunttu, J., Zhang, Y., Toppinen, A., Zhang, J., Chen, J., Krajnc, N., Cashore, B., Yu, B., Yong, C., Pettenella, D. 2020. China-Europe Forest Bioeconomy: Assessment and Outlook. From Science to Policy 11. European Forest Institute.

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