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Scientists’ Call for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

The Arctic Ocean is a singularly important ecosystem that affects all life on the planet. Though it is just 1% of the world’s total ocean volume, it drives the global oceanic conveyor belt: the currents of cool/warm and fresh/salty water that connect all the oceans of the world. It also governs the jet stream carrying atmospheric patterns across North America, Europe, and Asia that are essential for successful food crops and available fresh water. But its climate influence is not limited to the Northern Hemisphere. Since it affects the entire planetary ocean network, which accounts for 70.8% of the atmosphere’s lower surface, it affects weather patterns everywhere. Arctic ice is melting due to the climate crisis, leaving the Arctic waters increasingly open to commercial exploitation through shipping, oil and gas exploration, etc. Scientists are therefore calling for the establishment of MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

Details:  https://signmaps.org/scientists-letter-for-maps/

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