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Ecosystem Nutrition 2021 - New Approaches to Ecosystem Nutrition Phosphorus and Beyond

The ecological paradigm of the 'whole being more than the sum of its parts' is widely accepted as one of the most fascinating properties of ecosystems. Yet the emergence of nutrient dynamics within ecosystems is rarely addressed. Join us for the second "Ecosystem Nutrition" conference, the closing event of the of the joint research programme "Ecosystem Nutrition - Forest Strategies for limited Phosphorus Resources". The goal of the conference is to broaden approaches of plant nutrition to explore nutrient-related processes at the scale of ecosystems. During the conference we will link key findings from SPP 1685 to studies addressing also other nutrients (e.g., nitrogen and potassium). Especially welcome are contributions introducing holistic approaches for ecosystem nutrition research and results regarding relevant mechanisms and key players.

Date:  25-28 October 2021
Location:  Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Organizers:  University of Freiburg

For further information and updates, please contact Jaane Krueger of Uni Freiburg.

Details: https://www.ecosystem-nutrition.uni-freiburg.de/inhalte/Dateien/Flyer_EcosystemNutrition_Oct21_IGITAL

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