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First EVOLTREE Conference 2021: Genomics and Adaptation in Forest Ecosystems

The first EVOLTREE Conference focuses on the genomics of trees and interacting species from evolutionary, demographic, and ecological perspectives. EVOLTREE is a European network of institutions engaged in studying the evolution and functioning of forest ecosystems, in particular trees as the foundation species in forest stands. A prime topic in the face of ongoing climate change is to elucidate how trees, together with their associated organisms such as mycorrhizal fungi, respond to rapid environmental changes. Contributions are welcome that apply innovative approaches and consider the relevance of their research in the context of biodiversity conservation through natural dynamics or silvicultural interference.

Date: 14-17 September 2021
Location: Birmensdorf, Switzerland
Organizers: EVOLTREE, hosted by WSL Birmensdorf (Switzerland)

Details:  http://www.evoltree.eu/index.php/10-news/news-middle/180-evoltree-conference

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