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Scientific-technical symposium: Assessing forest damage and disturbance in the UNECE region

Changes in forest damage regimes and an increased severeness of disturbances are posing serious challenges to the world’s forests. Damages and disturbances are threatening the supply of ecosystem services and the maintenance of forest health and vitality. The latest scientific findings are implying a global surge of forest damage and disturbance due to climate change-associated impacts and further global megatrends. Sound data and thorough knowledge are an essential prerequisite for evidence-based sustainable forest management to understand the expanse, frequency and severeness of multi-factorial hazard events. Fragmented data and untimely monitoring of forest damage are hampering further scenario analysis and resilience building in the forest sector. The symposium aims to encourage exchange of ideas, experiences and opinions as well as raise awareness about the importance of assessing of forest damage and disturbance. It will also feature presentations of the preliminary results of a project “Assessment of forest damage reporting in the UNECE region to enhance future harmonized international reporting”, initiated by the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Monitoring SFM.

Date:  29-30 September 2022
Registration deadline for in-person participation:  15 July 2022
Registration deadline for virtual participation:  23 September 2022
Location:  Vienna, Austria
Organizers:  Joint UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section; Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism

Details:  https://unece.org/info/Forests/events/364295

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