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1st High Level Meeting of the European Wood Policy Platform (woodPoP)

The renewable resource wood and other wood-based materials play a vital role and can become a key enabler for the transformation towards a carbon neutral industry and climate positive society. In the context of combating climate change, a growing number of countries, regions, cities and communities in Europe, as well as in other parts of the world, aim to enhance the sustainable use of wood and other renewable materials by fostering a forest-based bioeconomy. Several initiatives and actions with a special focus on wood and wood-based materials are taking place within the framework of the EU but also at pan-European level. However, to gain more weight and impact, multilateral exchange is vital to facilitate sharing of best practices and coordinated approaches in developing policy solutions. The 1st High Level Meeting (HLM) aims to set a clear signal for wood as a future-oriented nature-based solution and to call on the establishment of the European Wood Policy Platform (woodPoP) which offers in-depth wood-based cooperation among countries to establish new pathways to foster the sustainable use of wood. The woodPoP HLM will be a forum to exchange knowledge, joint understanding and experiences with inputs from scientific and economic experts, relevant European stakeholder groups as well as regional and global organisations.

Date:  1 December 2022
Location:  Innsbruck, Austria

Details:  https://www.iufro.org/fileadmin/material/discover/nb-Invitation_woodPoP_High_Level_Meeting_1.12.2022.pdf

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