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Webinar and discussion on supporting Europe's forests through sustainable forest management and carbon certification

Forests represent the largest terrestrial carbon sink that can be economically managed in the fight against climate change. However, European forests are threatened by climate change and related increases of natural disturbances such as fires, which are an increasing concern for the whole forestry sector.

The new voluntary EU Carbon Removals Certification Framework currently being developed, coupled with the EU Soil Monitoring Law, could be two strong policy tools to improve the carbon sink, storage and sequestration capacity of forests and promote mitigation and adaptation in Europe's forests.  

To strike the right balance between sustainably maintaining – and growing – Europe's forests, reducing CO2 emissions and enabling a sustainable forestry economy, ongoing challenges in areas such as carbon certification and soil carbon monitoring need to be addressed urgently. 

The project INFORMA (2022-2026) aims to provide policy guidance to help the EU tackle three main forest-related climate change challenges: 1) maintaining current carbon sinks, 2) increasing its carbon sequestration capacity, and 3) storing carbon in long-term products. 

INFORMA will engage with key stakeholders, experts and professionals in forest systems across Europe to co-create future solutions to the challenges facing the system, with a focus on scaling up sustainable forest management and recommendations to improve forest carbon certification methodologies. 

Date: 7 December 2023, 09:30-11:30 CET
Registration:  Please confirm registration via e-mail by accepting the invitation shared with you or by emailing doan.ho(at)climate-kic.org.  
Details:  https://www.iufro.org/fileadmin/material/discover/nb-INFORMA-webinar-and-discussion-agenda.pdf

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