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8th Forest & Wood Innovation Forum

This forum is the very first forum that focuses on forest, timber and wood technologies. Welcome are any startup and SME along the entire value chain from green biotechnology, plant breeding, reforestation, any IoT & software applications, drones, timber works, smart services & trade, game & hunting, fire incidence detection and combating technologies, machinery, construction, furniture, viscose fiber, paper & pulp, pallets, wood based heating, biocomposites, wood composites, biomass technologies, wood recycling, wood surface protection (varnishes) and forest related services, smart cities green(ing)s and park, facade greening, roof gardening ... looking for funding, clients, joint ventures or just for a professional PR & marketing opportunity.

Date:  14 March 2024
Location:  Eberswalde, Germany
Organizers:  International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS)

Registration:  https://worldresourceventures.com/registration-march-14th-2024.html
Details:  https://worldresourceventures.com/program-march-14th-2024.html

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