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Forest Carbon and Climate Program Professional Training: 2022 Offerings // 9 August 2022

The training is designed for diverse professionals and aims to increase understanding and implementation of climate-smart forest management. The distance courses, FCCP Intensive: US Regions, Understanding Forest Carbon Management, and Certificate in Forest Carbon Science, Policy, and Management, are currently enrolling participants for the August course period. Intensive: US Regions: These short learning experiences are designed to move beyond forest carbon science basics by providing in-depth analysis of trends, challenges, and opportunities for a chosen US region: Pacific Northwest, Northeast, or Southeast. Topics include regional forest background, climate change trends and forest effects, forest carbon storage, climate impacts by forest type, and regionally appropriate adaptive management strategies. Short Course: Understanding Forest Carbon Management: This in-depth course provides a robust overview to the connections between forests, climate, and human decision-making. The course builds confidence in foundational science, unpacks land management specific to carbon (including carbon crediting and other initiatives) and offers action paths for forest management decision making. The content is highly interdisciplinary and strives to build shared understanding for diverse professionals. This course is also available in Spanish. Certificate (Professional and Graduate) in Forest Carbon Science, Policy, and Management: Running on the MSU Academic Calendar, this graduate level training can be taking for credit, to earn a professional certificate, or not for credit to earn a professional certificate. If taken for-credit, there are financial aid opportunities available. The MSU Forestry Scholarship and The Weyerhaeuser Fellowship are available for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Date:  9 August - 9 November 2022
Application deadline:  9 August 2022
Location:  online
Organizers:  Forest Carbon and Climate Program, Michigan State University

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