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Cooling cities through urban green infrastructure: a health impact assessment of European cities

High ambient temperatures are associated with many health effects, including premature mortality. The combination of global warming due to climate change and the expansion of the global built environment mean that the intensification of urban heat islands (UHIs) is expected, accompanied by adverse effects on population health. Urban green infrastructure can reduce local temperatures. The paper aims to estimate the mortality burden that could be attributed to UHIs and the mortality burden that would be prevented by increasing urban tree coverage in 93 European cities.

Authors:  Tamara Iungman, MPH; Marta Cirach, MSc; Federica Marando, PhD; Evelise Pereira Barboza, MPH; Sasha Khomenko, MSc; Pierre Masselot, PhD; Marcos Quijal-Zamorano, MSc; Natalie Mueller, PhD; Antonio Gasparrini, PhD; José Urquiza, PhD; Mehdi Heris, PhD; Meelan Thondoo, PhD; Prof Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, PhD.

Published:  January 31, 2023


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