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Publications and references

During the IUFRO World Congress held in Salt Lake City, UT, USA (5–11 October 2014), two technical sessions titled "Forests, Fire and Climate Change Dynamics" and "Managing Forests for Fire in a Changing Climate" addressed and climate change interactions and ecological consequences of wildland fire in several regions of the globe.  A number of  papers from these sessions have been pulled together in a special section of an upcoming volume of the International Journal of Wildland Fire,


A large variety of publications can be identified in the pages of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) website

A list of online wildland fire research and management publications can be found at:

A list of publications of the joint IUFRO and IGBP-IGAC-BIBEX activities in fire research is found on the website of the Biomass Burrning Experiment (BIBEX) at:


Since 1988 the IUFRO Unit Forest Fires (former 8.05.00) is co-sponsor of UN-FAO/ECE International Forest Fire News (IFFN). IFFN is the official newsletter of IUFRO 8.05.00. IFFN can be visited at the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) website. Detailed information on how to contribute and to order IFFN can be found on: