9.03.02 - Forest culture


Elisabeth Johann, Austria


Jürgen Kusmin, Estonia

About Unit

This Unit is to collect and disseminate information on the ancient and modern forest cultures, or cultural aspects of forestry practices among member countries. The Unit's scope of activities includes the following:   

  • Collect the ancient interaction between human and forests over the world
  • Collect and organize the modern cases of cultural forestry over the world
  • Uncover unconscious and conscious human efforts to protect and maintain local forests
  • Redefine the role of religious communities including church and monasteries in conservation and management of local forests
  • Try to find and describe sacred trees and forests in relation to the local and universal cultures
  • Promote the sustainability concept originated in the culture of the First World nations and its stewardship of land  
  • Collect the ancient and modern stories and legends related to trees and forests
  • Uncover the tree and/or forest components of cultural landscape in local cultures in the world
  • Organize the methods and logics of popularization of the cultural forestry

State of Knowledge

Under construction.