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Activities and events

No upcoming meetings found for Unit 9.05.01.

Calendar of Meetings

Activities in general

  • Finalising of a special issue on the bioeconomy and SDGs in Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research (OUP) 2020
    • All abstract proposers from the XXV IUFRO World Congress session invited to submit their manuscript
    • Additional invited manuscripts from other leading bioeconomy experts and researchers
  • Participating in PERFORM (Perceiving the Forest-based Sector in the Bioeconomy), an EFI Network Funded project (2018-2020)
  • Participation in the Erasmus+ VET4bioEconomy project (2018-2021)
  • Early discussions on cross-working party collaborations with 9.02.00 (Sector Analysis, Maarit Kallio) and 9.04.00 (Forest Resource Economics, Shashi Kant) and 9.01.05 (Research and Development of Indicators for SFM, Stefanie Linser).
  • Development and submission of a proposal to comparatively study international bieoconomy perceptions to the Royal Society of New Zealand.
  • Consider how to collaborate with the Task Force “Unlocking the bioeconomy and non-timber forest products” (James Chamberlain and Carsten Hall-Smith)
  • Participation in the study Towards a sustainable European forest based bioeconomy – assessment and the way forward. Grant from the Multi-donor Trust Fund of the European Forest Institute (2017-2018)

Past IUFRO meetings

  • Technical session at the XXV IUFRO World Congress; Curitiba, Brazil, September 2019;
    • Three related session proposals merged into one, examining the nexus between the bioeconomy and SDGs, the role of Criteria and Indicators and the interplay between the bioeconomy and a circular economy.
    • 17 abstracts submitted
    • 9 oral presentations plus several posters
  • 50. Forstpolitiktreffen; Vienna, Austria; 10-12 April 2019.
  • Research and Innovation in Sustainable Forestry to Advance Competitive Global Bioeconomy; Arezzo, Italy; 9 July 2014. Units involved: 2.02.13, 4.02.06, 9.05.01, 9.05.04. Conference announcement
  • International Symposium on "The biodiversity and people in the context of climate change"; Antananarivo, Madagascar; 10-11 December 2013. Conference homepage - Conference announcement - Call for Papers - Report

    Post symposium tour at Mandraka forest (central highland forest). Photo by Bruno Ramamonjisoa.
  • International Symposium on Small-scale Rural Forest Use and Management: Global Policies versus Local Knowledge, Gérardmer, France, 23-27 June 2008 - First Announcement