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IUFRO Awards

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Non-IUFRO Awards


The 2022 Frontiers Planet Prize

The Frontiers Research Foundation is launching a program called the Frontiers Prize with the goal of accelerating scientific solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.

The program will begin in the area of sustainability science by launching the Frontiers Planet Prize for scientific breakthroughs that have the greatest potential to stablize our planet's ecosystem. Scientists who lead a research team and report their breakthrough research during 2021 and 2022 are eligible for the prize. The top three scientists in this international competition will each be awarded a Frontiers Planet Prize of CHF 1 million to support their research. The winning scientists can use the money in any way they choose to accelerate the development of their breakthrough science.

Scientists will be nominated by National Nominating Bodies (NNBs), which will include universities, academies and funding agencies in each country.  The criterion for selecting the winners of the Frontiers Planet Prize will be the potential of their scientific breakthrough to be deployed globally to keep the planet’s ecosystem within any one or more of the nine planetary boundaries (see Planetary Boundaries).

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