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Other Meetings / Events


The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has prevented the holding of most physical meetings for more than two years. During that time, a variety of online events were organized. We are glad to note that currently physical meetings are making their way back.

However, some of meetings might still be postponed, cancelled or converted into online events.

Once informed about postponements or cancellations by organizers, IUFRO will update its Noticeboard immediately.

However, if you are a registered participant in one of the events listed below, please double-check with the event organizers or the event websites to learn whether the event will be held on the dates planned, before making any travel arrangements. Please note that IUFRO cannot be held liable for any forfeited travel costs incurred.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.


Scientific-technical symposium: Assessing forest damage and disturbance in the UNECE region

Changes in forest damage regimes and an increased severeness of disturbances are posing serious challenges to the world’s forests. Damages and disturbances are threatening the supply of ecosystem services and the maintenance of forest health and vitality. The latest scientific findings are implying a global surge of forest damage and disturbance due to climate change-associated impacts and further global megatrends. Sound data and thorough knowledge are an essential prerequisite for evidence-based sustainable forest management to understand the expanse, frequency and severeness of multi-factorial hazard events. Fragmented data and untimely monitoring of forest damage are hampering further scenario analysis and resilience building in the forest sector.

The symposium aims to encourage exchange of ideas, experiences and opinions as well as raise awareness about the importance of assessing of forest damage and disturbance. It will also feature presentations of the preliminary results of a project “Assessment of forest damage reporting in the UNECE region to enhance future harmonized international reporting”, initiated by the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Monitoring SFM.

Date:  29-30 September 2022
Registration deadline for in-person participation:  15 July 2022
Registration deadline for virtual participation:  23 September 2022
Location:  Vienna, Austria
Organizers: Joint UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section; Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism



VIII Congreso Chileno de Ciencias Forestales: "Bosques, salud y sociedad: Ciencias Forestales para el bienestar humano"

La Facultad de Ciencias Forestales y de la Conservación de la Naturaleza de la Universidad de Chile, en conjunto con la Sociedad Chilena de Ciencias Forestales, invitan a participar en el VIII Congreso Chileno de Ciencias Forestales a llevarse a cabo en la ciudad de Santiago del 8 al 10 de noviembre de 2022, bajo el lema "Bosques, salud y sociedad: Ciencias Forestales para el bienestar humano". Los bosques y todos los ecosistemas forestales son fundamentales para la existencia humana y proporcionan una amplia gama de beneficios para el bienestar de las personas. La gestión sostenible de dichos ecosistemas es vital para mantener su contribución al bienestar ambiental, económico, social y cultural de las naciones; encontrándose estrechamente ligada al desarrollo sostenible, seguridad alimentaria, salud humana, suministro de agua, y suficiencia energética en un contexto de cambio global. La difusión del mejor conocimiento científico disponible es necesario para abordar efectivamente, a diversas escalas (local, regional y nacional), estos desafíos globales, proporcionando bases sólidas para la gestión sostenible de los ecosistemas forestales. El VIII Congreso Chileno de Ciencias Forestales reunirá a científicos nacionales y extranjeros, en torno a la gama de disciplinas vinculadas a las ciencias forestales. Estas temáticas están asociadas a la creación de conocimiento a través de I+D+i, su aplicación práctica y transferencia hacia múltiples actores, desafíos permanentes que enfrentan las ciencias forestales, para satisfacer las necesidades cambiantes de una sociedad globalizada y vinculada al cuidado del medio ambiente y a la equidad social.

Date:  8-10 de noviembre de 2022
Deadline for abstract submission:  31 de julio de 2022
Location:  Santiago, Chile
Organizers:  Facultad de Ciencias Forestales y de la Conservación de la Naturaleza (Universidad de Chile) y Sociedad Chilena de Ciencias Forestales
Contact:  apromis(at) or congchilecsforestales(at)



Forest Europe Open House Seminar

Forest Europe invites all forestry students and students from related fields to join the Open House Seminar. We will present this unique pan-European process to you and explain the structure, work programme and idea behind it. Certainly, there will be time for questions and answers as well. And whoever is able to answer the most questions correctly in our quiz will win a prize! We are looking forward to meeting you virtually in our seminar. Of course, it is open to teachers, professors or the curious public as well.

Date:  5 July 2022, 17:00-19:00 CEST
Location:  online
Organizers:  FOREST EUROPE
Contact:  Ms Vera Steinberg, liaisonunitbonn(at)



8th International Symposium on Physiological Processes in Roots of Woody Plants

During this symposium, which usually meets every three years, world-recognized researchers, scientists with emerging research programs, and graduate students gather to discuss research on roots of forest trees and shrubs and nut and fruit crops. The specific focus of the symposium allows for in-depth discussion on a wide array of topics, from water acquisition to managing roots in impaired ecosystems. This international symposium typically includes 150 participants from around the world.

The symposium will be hybrid with the option to choose in-person or virtual attendance in the registration process.

Date:  10-14 July 2022
Location:  online and State College, PA, USA
Organizers:  Penn State University



Fifth World Congress on Agroforestry

The World Congress on Agroforstry is expected to attract 1500 participants to Québec in 2022, including pre-eminent researchers, senior government officials and politicians, donors and major businesses, all concerned with regenerative agriculture, sustainable development, civil society, farmers, youth groups and institutions of higher learning. The Congress is part of a continuing process that builds on the previous congresses in 2004 (USA), 2009 (Kenya), 2014 (India) and 2019 (France). It will seek to raise the local, regional and global profiles of agroforestry and significantly increase awareness of it, support and engagement for it, and investment in it. It will create a deliberate and tangible legacy in terms of recognition, partnerships, investments and impact, and produce a global roadmap for agroforestry with clear targets.

Date: July 2022
Location: Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Organizers: International Union for Agroforestry (IUAF) in collaboration with the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (ICRAF)