Call for Task Force Proposals

IUFRO Task Forces are established on a temporary basis to advance inter‐disciplinary forest science cooperation in fields spanning IUFRO Divisional interests. Submit your proposal for a new Task Force by 31 December 2018.

IUFRO Task Forces focus on emerging key issues that are of strong interest to policy makers and groups inside and outside the forest sector, and contribute to international processes and activities. Since 1991, over 30 IUFRO Task Forces have brought together scientists, policy-makers and other stakeholders to conduct innovative work across a broad range of topics.

The activities of Task Forces are varied, but commonly involve: development of expanded global collaboration and information-sharing networks on their focal topics, the organization of meetings or workshops, publication of interdisciplinary scientific syntheses as books or in special issues of peer-reviewed journals, and presentations in major regional or global science-policy platforms. Task Force coordinators are non-voting members of the IUFRO Board, and are invited and expected to attend IUFRO's annual Board meetings. For more information on the activities and accomplishments of current and earlier Task Forces please visit:


In order to proceed with the development of new Task Forces prior to the start of the new Board term in October 2019, we invite IUFRO officeholders and members to prepare, by 31 December 2018, a short 1-2 page Concept Note that provides a brief statement of the objectives/aims and proposed activities of the Task Force within the 2-year time frame. This will be reviewed by IUFRO Board members in January 2019, who will provide comments as well as suggestions regarding scientists from the Divisions who may be particularly interested in joining the proposed Task Force.

If the Task Force concept note is viewed favorably by the Board, then a full proposal will be requested, with a due date for full proposals of 31 March for 2019. All proposals will be reviewed (in early April 2019) by the Vice‐President for Task Forces in consultation with the IUFRO Management Committee and other members of the IUFRO Board. If revisions are required following proposal review, prospective Task Force coordinators will be asked to prepare a final revised proposal by late May 2019, after which a final decision on the establishment of new Task Forces within the 2-year time frame will be made by the IUFRO Board in early June 2019.

Concept Notes and full proposals should be sent  to  John  Parrotta, jparrotta(at), with a copy to Renate Prüller, prueller(at)

Find all details in the PDF for download:

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