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IUFRO Spotlights


IUFRO Spotlight #3 "End Trade in Detrimental Ornamentals to Save Forests"

Forest pathologists propose to phase out all trade in plants and plant products that are of high risk to forest health worldwide. Their proposal is articulated in the Montesclaros Declaration.

International trade in containerized ornamental plant seedlings and trees intended as plants for instant landscape planting is of low benefit in terms of overall economy. However, the risk to forest health is rather high as it provides an efficient pathway for pathogen and pest dispersal, say forest pathologists. Following an IUFRO meeting in Spain earlier this year, the concerned scientists have developed a proposal to phase out such international trade in high-risk plants. The document is entitled the "Montesclaros Declaration". Anyone who wishes to endorse this proposal can sign up by sending an email to: noliveplants(at)


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