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Proceedings of IUFRO Meetings in 2007

Please find below IUFRO conference proceedings that were submitted electronically.

If the proceedings of your IUFRO conference or meeting are not yet online, kindly contact us at office(at) Next to the electronic version we will be also happy to archive printed courtesy copies of your conference proceedings.


Conference title: International Conference on Sustainable Forest Management and Poverty Alleviation: Roles of Traditional Forest-related Knowledge
Conference date: 17-20 December 2007
Conference place: Kunming, China
Research unit(s): T13 et al.
Language: English
Author(s): John A. Parrotta, Liu Jinlong, Sim Heok-Choh (Ed.)
Publication year: 2008
Page(s): 223 pages
Published as IUFRO World Series No. 21


Conference title: All Divison 5 Conference
Conference date: 29 October - 2 November 2007
Conference place: Taipei, China-Teipei
Research unit(s): All Division 5 Units
Language: English
Author(s): Conference participants
Publication year: 2007
Page(s): powerpoint presentations (partly available as PDF
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Conference title: International Workshop on Water Management through Forest Management
Conference date: 12-16 November 2007
Conference place: Beijing, China
Research unit(s): 8.01.14 et al.
Language: English
Author(s): Workshop participants
Publication year: 2008
Page(s): /, 16 Powerpoint presentations saved indiv. as PDF
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Conference title: Integrated research activities for supply of improved larch to tree planting: tree improvement, floral biology and nursery production
Conference date: 16-21 September 2007
Conference place: Quebec City, Canada
Research unit(s): 2.02.07
Language: English
Author(s):  Martin Perron (ed.)
Publication year: 2007
Page(s): 160
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Conference title: Seed Orchards Meeting 2007
Conference date: 26-28 September 2007
Conference place:  Umeå, Sweden
Research unit(s): 2.09.01
Language: English
Author(s):  Dag Lindgren (ed.)
Publication year: 2007
Page(s): 256
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Conference title: Phytophthoras in Forests and Natural Ecosystems
Conference date: 26-31 August 2007
Conference place: Monterey, California, United States
Research unit(s): 7.02.09
Language: English
Author(s): Goheen, E.M.; Frankel, S.J. (eds.)
Publication year: 2009
Page(s): 348
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Conference title: Scientific framework of environmental and forest governance 'The role of discourses and expertise'
Conference date: 27-28 August 2007
Conference place: Göttingen, Germany
Research unit(s): 6.12.02
Language: English
Author(s): Michael Böcher, Lukas Giessen, Daniela Kleinschmit (eds.)
Publication year: 2008
Page(s): 203
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Conference title: 12th International Conference on Root and Butt Rots
Conference date: 12-19 August 2007
Conference place: Berkeley, California - Medford, Oregon, United States
Research unit(s): 7.02.01
Language: English
Author(s): M. Garbelotto,  P. Gonthier (eds.)
Publication year: 2008
Page(s): 264
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Conference title: 8th International Christmas Tree Research & Extension Conference
Conference date: 12-17 August 2007
Conference place: Bogense, Denmark
Research unit(s): 2.02.09
Language: English
Author(s): Iben Margrete Thomsen, Hanne N. Rasmussen, Johanne Møller Sørensen (eds.)
Publication year: 2008
Page(s): 158
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Conference title: Forest Growth and Timber Quality: Crown Models and Simulation Methods for Sustainable Forest Management
Conference date: 7-10 August 2007
Conference place: Portland, Oregon, US
Research unit(s): 3.00.00, 4.00.00, 4.01.05, 5.00.00, 5.12.00
Language: English
Author(s): Dennis P. Dykstra and Robert A. Monserud (Tech. Eds.)
Publication year: 2009
Page(s): 267
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Conference title: International Conference on Wind and Trees
Conference date: 5-9 August 2007
Conference place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Research unit(s): 8.01.11
Language: English
Author(s): several
Publication year: 2008
Page(s): 91
Book of Abstracts: Link to online file (552 KB, PDF)
Proceedings: Wind and Trees Special Issue, Volume 81 Issue 3 July 2008  of Oxford Journals, Forestry; Online ISSN 1464-3626 - Print ISSN 0015-752X
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Conference title: Complex Stand Structures and Associated Dynamics
Conference date: 29 July - 2 August 2007
Conference place: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Research unit(s): 4.01.02
Language: English
Author(s): P. F. Newton and V. M. LeMay (eds.)
Publication year: 2008
Page(s): 128
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(PDF; 3.9 MB)

Publication: Mini-Special Issue Complex Stand Structures, Forestry 2008 VOLUME 81(5):573-630.
(1) Table of contents
(2) Introduction by Peter F. Newton
(3) Link to the Forestry Web-site:


Conference title: IUFRO Conference on Forest Landscape Restoration
Conference date: 14-19 May 2007
Conference place: Seoul, Korea
Research unit(s): 1.00.00, 6.00.00, 8.00.00
Language: English
Author(s): Stanturf, John (Ed.)
Publication year: 2007
Page(s): 268
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Conference title: 10th European Forum on Urban Forestry. New Forests after Old Industries
Conference date: 16-19 May 2007
Conference place: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Research unit(s): 6.14.00
Language: English
Publication year: 2007
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Conference title: Building Insights of Managerial Economics and Accounting towards Sustainable Forest Management
Conference date: 17–19 May 2007
Conference place: Lviv, Ukraine
Research unit(s): 4.05.00, 4.05.01, 4.05.02
Language: English
Author(s): Zahvoyska, L., Jöbstl, H., Kant, S. and Maksymiv, L. (Eds.)
Publication year: 2009
Page(s): 183, ISBN 978-966-433-039-5

Link to online File (4 MB, PDF)


Conference title: EB Symposium: Challenges and Opportunities of Forest Research in the Policy-making process
Conference date: 29 May 2007
Conference place: Beijing, China
Research unit(s):
Language: English
Publication year: 2007
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Conference title: International Mountain Logging and 13th Pacific Northwest Skyline Symposium
Conference date: 1-6 April 2007
Conference place: Corvallis, US
Research unit(s): 3.00.00
Language: English
Author(s): John Sessions and Yvonne Havill (Ed.)
Publication year: 2007
Page(s): 290
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