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Proceedings of IUFRO Meetings in 2020

Please find below IUFRO conference proceedings that were submitted electronically.

If the proceedings of your IUFRO conference or meeting are not yet online, kindly contact us at office(at) Next to the electronic version we will be also happy to archive printed courtesy copies of your conference proceedings.


Conference title: 2020 International Virtual Forum on Greening and Land Degradation Neutrality in Dryland
Conference date: 1-2 December 2020
Conference place: online
Research unit(s): 1.10.00, 1.06.00
Language: English
Author(s): Ho Sang Kang, Tae Hyung Kim, Abduvokhid Zakhadullaev, Mamutov Bakhram, Darya Glushchenko (eds.)
Publication year: 2020
Page(s): 405
Link to online file (55 MB, PDF)


Conference title: 7th Annual Meeting of the IAWA-China Group: Strengthening the protection and utilization of forestry resources, broadening research field of wood anatomy and wood science
Conference date: 28-29 November 2020
Conference place: Lin-an, Zhejiang, China
Research unit(s): 5.16.00, 5.06.00
Language: English, Mandarin
Author(s):  Professor Chunde Jin, Ms. Wenzhu Li, Ms. Xiuqin Xie, Professor Biao Pan and team (eds.)
Publication year: 2020
Page(s): 86
Book of Abstracts (3.2 MB, PDF)



Conference title: 9th International Symposium on Forest and Sustainable Development
Conference date: 16-17 October 2020
Conference place: Brasov, Romania
Research Unit(s): 4.03.00, 4.03.02
Language: English
Publication year: 2021
Page(s): 94
Link to online file: Book of Abstracts (564 KB; PDF)


Conference title: The Social and Ecological Value Added of Small-Scale Forestry to the Bio-Economy
Conference date: 6-9 October 2020
Conference place: Bolzano, Italy
Research Unit(s): 4.05.00, 4.05.01, 4.05.02, 4.05.03, 4.05.04, 4.05.05, Task Force on Unlocking the Bioeconomy and Non-Timber Forest Products
Language: English
Publication year: 2020
Page(s): 58
Link to online file (525 KB; PDF)


Conference title: Mixed species forests: Risks, Resilience and Management (cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak)
Conference date: 25-27 March 2020
Conference place: Lund, Sweden
Research unit(s): 1.01.06, 1.01.10, 1.09.00, 7.03.00, 8.02.01
Language: English
Author(s): Aldea, J., Barbeito, I., Holmström, E.,Löf, M. (eds.)
Publication year: 2020
Page(s): 185
Link to online file: Book of Abstracts (3 MB, PDF)


Conference title: Governing and managing forests for multiple ecosystem services across the globe
Conference date: 26-28 February 2020
Conference place: Bonn, Germany
Research unit(s): 9.00.00, 9.05.07
Language: English
Author(s): Abruscato, S.; Joa, B.; Winkel, G. (eds.)
Publication year: 2020
Page(s): 119
Link to online file: Book of Abstracts  (1.5 MB, PDF)